News This Week; LoBiondo and House Republicans Hell Bent On Wrecking (Affordable) Health Care

As reported by, Roll Call: “Health Care Law Stuck In Limbo

House Republicans on Wednesday took a symbolic swipe at President Barack Obama’s health care reform law when they voted to repeal its long-term care provisions, the CLASS Act, which the administration abandoned last year as unworkable.”

…the thought of another long, lonely run for office….

Huffington Post: ” ‘Republicans are committed to repealing and defunding it, piece by piece if necessary,” House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, said of the health care bill after the CLASS Act vote.’ ”

…they (the voters) love this guy LoBiondo, isn’t it obvious by now…

… Politico Pro: “House Passes CLASS Act Repeal

The House on Wednesday voted to repeal the CLASS act – with the support of several moderate Democrats – in the latest attempt to take apart a piece of President Barack Obama’s health care law…..”

…what the f*@% I voted for him 6 times.  I didn’t know …

In South Jersey, news of the pointless Republican maneuver was reported on local politico’s facebook page Thursday, this way ….

… I was walking on air for four years……it’s almost gone now…..wasted.

Gary Stein on facebook

Yesterday Repubs began the dismantling of Obamacare, i.e., the repeal of “community living assistance services” or CLASS.  Frank LoBiondo, a fraud who never met a gov’t “single payer” veterans health program he didn’t like, voted to repeal this: “working adults who enroll and pay premiums for 5 years can subsequently enjoy regular cash benefits to pay for non-medical community living or institutional services, if they suffer from impairments ranging from Alzheimer’s disease to less life-threatening medical conditions.”


… (health care reform) … (tax simplification) … (immigration rights) … I can’t keep up the confident front anymore, I don’t think.


Blue, as ALWAYS, thanks for the blog space.  And there’s this; I came across a quite relevant “letter to the editor” other day.  Sent last year, about the time of the Garbrielle Giffords shooting.

Press of Atlantic City;  Letters to the Editor  Jan. 2011

GOP wrong

about health law

The Republican Party is promising to dismantle the “jobs-killing” health care law, or “jobs-destroying” bill, as it’s now called in deference to the shooting victims in Tuscon, Ariz.

By themselves, Republicans don’t have the votes to repeal it, but the certitude of some of these politicians is worth considering. Lest anyone forget, many of these same “leaders” – U.S. Rep. Frank LoBiondo, R-2nd, included – got it wrong on the taxpayer bailout of the financial industry. I’m not a banker, an investor or a fat cat, but I’m glad the credit markets weren’t allowed to freeze up – or worse – in one critical 24-hour period in 2007. It was reported last week that even AIG, the largest beneficiary of the bailout, is repaying its loan with interest. The United States government stands to make billions.

Many of these same leaders were for letting the American automakers fail – LoBiondo included. Now, the 2011 GM electric Volt is hailed as a game changer and has been voted Car of the Year. And Chrysler has revamped its entire 2011 lineup.

The health care bill is far from perfect. I’d have preferred some combination of single-payer (no insurance middle man), medical savings accounts and civil service reform (to make implementation somewhat efficient), but I’m glad Democrats – without one single Republican on board – got the bill this far, because the health delivery system is unfair, unequal and getting worse by the day.


Mullica Township

(Gary Stein ran as a Democrat against U.S. Rep. Frank LoBiondo in the 2nd District congressional race in November.)

Self promotion …………. over.


Back to self pity mode.

… Stein for Congress, Stein for Governor, Stein for Assembly, blah, blah, blah.  Certain people, not the folks on Blue (although they have issues with certain candidate too, hehe) think I’ve got an “ego” problem. …. really?

What a joke!

Note to Kris in S. Jersey, I’ll keep up appearances one more season and that’s that. ((Kris H., a recent transplant to the area, a Chicago guy, is working with the (overnight it seems) maybe reluctant candidate. I’d say, got to shake off these winter blues.))

Reminder to self.  Buy $2 phone card, call Beto in Mexico today (we talk every other week).  Text from last night, “Where r u? r u at home? r u chace 4 call me now?”  Actually his English is pretty good.  Don’t know why he had someone else type in that standard “text” he always sends me lol….

I responded by text, “No card.  Call you tomorrow bobby.”  Sent, Fri, Feb 3 12:06pm.  I call Beto, “Bobby.”  Have for about 8 years.

2010.  Frank LoBiondo 65%, Stein 31%.  The Dems didn’t put anyone up in 2010…. could have been a lot worse.  LoBiondo 80%…85%…  How’s that work if slot’s open?  Sky’s the limit I’d think.  LoBiondo, 90%…95%.  Don’t know.  Doesn’t really matter.  Oh well, time to make the doughnuts.  Off to my day job and later perhaps, gather a few signatures.  It’s election season!  Don’t count us dlubs out.

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  1. gary stein (Post author)

    ….you take marriage equality…. that’s front and center stage last week or so on blue jersey.  deservedly so. BUT…

    many of the issues you hold dear would have been settled long ago if you weren’t so boneheaded blind on some other real world goings on that drive regular (good) folks like me to DISTRACTION (causing us to very often to vote…..dare I say it…Republican).  Yesterday….

    … I was working one of my accounts in an industrial park, on a Saturday late afternoon when all is quiet, in the back part of the companies shipping area, same time as the General Mngr. was there.  The guy who never has a minute to spare, the guy who I sometimes see standing outside front office side door inhaling an entire cigarette in 30 seconds … if you get me drift, you see that’s all the time he can spare (nicest, I mean nicest, guy in the world, votes Republican).  I noticed a new “eye wash station” …. and since I’m naturally suspicious of BIG GOVERNMENT I asked him about it.  You don’t want to know the 5 minute horror story that ensued, suffice to say I’ve been personal friends with the owner of this company for 20 yrs. and he runs a ship shape operation… you’d have thought hahaha.

    Stories like the one I heard yesterday about …. OSHA…. make me glad I got out of the hospitality and restaurant business years ago and into the cleaning business where we basically work quietly by ourselves, and also explains why other very reasonable folks like myself and my wife …. dabble …. in Republican politics …… which is to say we automatically vote Republican…..which helps explain why when this recent convert to Democrat, who once was a convert to Republican and wasn’t following events as closely as I do now (as a “candidate”) once voted for jerks like Frank LoBiondo not knowing better.

    Thank you.  Please- not do -the following two things.  1)  explain to me that Richard Nixon created OSHA and 2) down rate my comment like so often happens, making it invisible to me in my own damn diary.



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