News Roundup & Open Thread for Tuesday, Feb. 21, 2012

Today – Christie budget address

  • Christie faces obstacles in state budget proposal.

  • Tax cuts fit the Christie mythology perfectly. (Charlie Stile)

  • Star-Ledger budget preview.

  • NJ’s smallest school districts share big worry about Christie budget.

    Poll: 52% of NJ voters support Christie income tax cut. Why? Because they think it will save them far more than it actually will.

  • Voters picture a $750 savings; reality is less than $100 (for $50k income), $275 ($100K income). Either way, voters say overwhelmingly: cut property tax first.

    This just in: Christie guides his political destiny by the principles of unfairness and equality

  • Chris Christie on CNN on same-sex marriage “I don’t compromise my principles for politics”.
  • IMO, this is the single most compelling argument for marriage equality: Value Our Families. (Bruni, New York Times)
  • Gay Marriage Halo Effect. (Nocera, New York Times)

    Norcross sez

  • Time for a constitutional convention to overhaul how we pay for New Jersey stuff. You know, like schools and stuff.

    Will 18A:3B-36 save the Rutgers we know?

  • A rule in NJ’s state statutes precludes Chris Christie from merging Rutgers-Camden & Rowan universities by executive order as he planned, Ron Chen says. Chen is vice dean at Rutgers Law School and the former NJ Public Advocate, before Christie & co. killed the Office of the Public Advocate.

    More education

  • Chris Cerf: The Self-Delusion of the Corporate Education Reformer.

  • 30 schools slated for construction or renovation by the Christie Administration in the state’s poorest cities, likely won’t open their doors to students by the end of the governor’s term in office

    Gay people of Jersey, Chris Christie was right!

  • Never fear, gay citizens: Ombuds-Man to the rescue!

    The 5 Steps of Chris Christie Marriage Equality Avoidance

  • And other observations of a long, long extraordinary week (Loretta Weinberg)

    NYPD’s spying operation on Rutgers Muslims

  • Did NY police have probable cause? Jurisdiction? Muslim groups want the state AG to open an investigation of the police action.

    Woodrow Wilson: Boss in the Public Interest

  • Special for Presidents Day

    “I wanted my husband’s work to continue, his legacy of public service and our family’s legacy of service”

  • Shelley Adler, running against Jon Runyan to continue her husband’s legacy.


  • Tonight – urban voter mobilization rally in Elizabeth.


  • Boost minimum wage up to $8.50? Yes.

    The Pompton Lakes Plume

  • There’s disagreement how much realistic business development you can do there before the mess DuPont left is fully cleaned up – which could be a long time.
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    1. 12mileseastofTrenton

      Will they capitulate and cave again?  Permitting a hole to be blown in the budget, requiring cuts to social programs?  And less money to replace the money the state stole from the pension system?

      I think we know the likely answer.

    2. SmartyJones

      Another Op-Ed in today’s NYT takes a different look at the Port Authority in an attempt to mitigate some of the harsh criticism it has come under lately.

      While I’m not sure I agree with, or even believe, some of the talking points the author makes, he sure does take some grand swipes at Christie.

    3. JackHarris

      I’ve been waiting for the legal folks to comment and maybe the RU BOT or administration too.

      Rutgers governance is VERY complicated and deliberately designed to be so to avoid political gamesmanship around NJ’s core public academic assets.

      And I’m glad someone is finally making the poison pill option public (or more public).  Rutger could go private (we’re typically in the bottom 5 for state support anyway).

      Now, I’m a big proponent of access and diversity, so I view that option with some trepidation.

      But, given the option of politcal interfence in Rutgers and the loss of the Camden campus, or a choice to go it alone and try to rebuild along the lines of a Vanderbilt or Northwestern? I’m more than willing to go it alone.

      It’d be a huge loss to the state however. The state’s better off with a big state AAU school than a a medium sized  AAU private university serving the state.  

    4. 12mileseastofTrenton

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