Leap Day News Roundup & Open Thread for Wednesday, Feb. 29, 2012

Even with Christie as running mate

  • Romney still loses to Barack Obama.

    Governors with big “Jersey Comeback” banners should remember presidents with big “Mission Accomplished” banners

  • Nevertheless, that’s what you’ll see Christie striding around in front of today at the Westwood “Town Hall” this morning at 11am when you’re probably at work and can’t attend.

    Human remains from September 11th

  • Rush Holt is accusing the Pentagon of stonewalling his questions whether 9/11 victims’ remains were incinerated, mixed with medical waste and sent to a landfill.

    U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder reviewing NYPD surveillance of NJ Muslims

  • Complaints about the tracking of Muslim daily behavior – where they buy groceries, watched sports on TV, used internet cafes – began accumulating at the Justice Dept. months ago, but the review of NYPD’s actions is just beginning now, bothering some Dems.
  • NYPD secret surveillance prompts special meeting among Muslim leaders and law enforcement officials.

    Christie’s 2 Supreme Court nominees

  • Nick Scutari says hearings begin March 22 on Phillip Kwon and Bruce Harris in his Senate Judiciary Committee – but only if Dems receive financial holdings and liabilities info they’ve been waiting for almost 2 weeks.

    Obama NJ HQ opens tonight

  • 6pm in North Brunswick.

    Democrats propose property tax credit program to counter Christie’s income tax credit

  • But clearly, it’s not gelled yet.

    Additional Assorted Christie

  • Christie on Twitter: Followers & Influence vs. Nuance and the Facts.

  • For Jersey governor, national respect. (James Ahrearn)

  • Episcopal priest defends her choice of words in saying  Gov. Christie “chose bigotry over equality” and “was standing on ‘the Lester Maddox side of history”.

  • Those NOM people aren’t happy.

    How municipalities are wasting their $$ on George Norcross’s company

  • State comptroller says local & county governments are wasting more than $100M/year by enrolling employees in private health-insurance plans – some of them politically connected – instead of the state health plan. Case in point, Essex County’s deal with Connor Strong, Norcross’ company.


  • Dems at odds with Christie over cap-and-trade.

  • Resurrecting RGGI.

    Majority of New Jerseyans give their hometowns & schools high ratings

  • But what gets softer ratings is how we feel about the state.

    Sen. Bob Kerrey’s possible return to the Senate, with his seniority intact, could impact Sen. Lautenberg’s seniority ranking

  • The fact that Sen. Kerrey may come back at his old seniority level – which Lautenberg was denied in a similar situation when he returned in 2002 – may impact Lautenberg’s position. (Roll Call)

  • Why this matters to members of Congress.

    Back-to-back polls show Menendez up double digits over Kyrillos

  • Quinnipiac poll shows Menendez at his highest-ever approval rating. (Hotline on Call)


  • Debate over tenure reform is likely to be back on the front burner next week, as a Sen. Teresa Ruiz’ high-profile bill goes before a key Senate committee — with some key questions far from resolved.
  • State legislators once again are sponsoring a bill designed to help businesses owned by veterans get government work.
  • Budget committees in both houses of the legislature will begin poring over the governor’s $32.1B budget, with the Assembly’s committee meeting today to hear an update from the Christie administration on its Medicaid waiver plan.

    Booker assails Santorum on the role of religion

  • Responding to Santorum’s statement he “almost threw up” when he read JFK’s 1960 assurance his Catholic faith wouldn’t affect his decisions or undermine separation of church & state, Booker said Santorum “warped our path” in arguing that faith should have an influential role in American governance.
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    1. brendanod

      easily been the quickest “benefit” reform.  By mandating all public authorities join, instant savings could have been realized.  It is hilarious to have mayors claim that they can get a cheaper, fully insured plans for 100 person groups, as opposed to joining the self insured, 800,000 member, SHBP.  Furthermore, the cop out that mayors need their own plans because union contracts dictate specific benefit levels is laughable.  The mayors and legislature had no problem ramming pen/ben into law.  I’m sure some negotiation and compromise could have been implemented to make the SHBP palatable for all.

      But let’s face it, the pen/ben law was never about reform and public agencies that have private, fully insured insurance plans, procured by powerful and connected brokers isn’t about saving money for taxpayers.  I will give Christie credit if he follows this up and uses his bully pulpit to force/mandate all public agencies into the SHBP.  I won’t hold my breath, there is too much money to be lost by his friends and politically connected associates.  

    2. gary stein

      that was the last straw with me.  Two short years ago, I was a registered Republican.  I have the bona fides to be pissed off he’s an idiot.  

      A very nicely done 350 word “letter to the editor” by me, TRASHING Frank LoBiondo will be in Sunday’s Atlantic City Press.  Keystone Pipeline and off-shore drilling will be discussed……in a letter to the editor……that’s all they’ll give me.  It’s enough 🙂

    3. 12mileseastofTrenton

      46/47 job approval.  Bigger lead for Obama over Romney and everyone else.  Same lead for Menendez.  But smaller sample.



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