Joe Cryan Speaks for Marriage Equality

cryan_colorThis speech made me cry.

I think it was because Joe Cryan talked about two people I talked about this week when I was trying to convince a Republican friend to see this issue – and the people it most deeply affects – differently.

Cryan tells their stories. And I think it’s important to tell stories of where Republicans stand for the rights of gay people, and for fairness in marriage. Over the last two years, we’ve seen that shift in members of both parties in New Jersey, people who found their way to this vote. And as a court case makes its way through the NJ courts, we have another two years to convince some of our Republican legislators that there are things more important than the party discipline required by a strongwilled governor.

Here’s the video of what he Joe Cryan said on the Assembly floor, shot by Deciminyan. Below the fold, as a bonus, are videos of both speeches Cryan talked about. Both of them – Rep. John Kriesel of Minnesota and Rep. Maureen Walsh of Washington – are Republicans who came to support marriage equality by very different routes.

Rep. John Kriesel of Minnesota: “If there was a “Hell no” button, I would push it.”

Rep. Maureen Walsh of Washington: “And someday, by God, I want to throw a wedding for that kid.”

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  1. the pollster

    Cryan’s speech, his soft manner, the stories he told were so compelling. I cried, too. Hey, Joe, if you see this–thanks!!



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