Hey, Gov? How About A Parade for our Vets?

Let’s support the vets – promoted by Rosi

Governor Chris Christie called for the NJ Giants to have a parade in New Jersey in the event of a Super Bowl victory on Sunday.

The Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America are asking, If the NJ Giants deserve a parade, how about our Iraq War vets?

Sign the petition here.

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  1. ken bank

    Are you guys circulating a similar petition addressed to Governor Cuomo? Of course not.

    Whether the parade is held in New York or New Jersey makes little difference, though I can see why Christie wants the parade in New Jersey, and I commend him for doing his job and sticking up for our state. This is not a partisan issue and should not be politicized.

    When I watch the Superbowl I will not be thinking about politics, or Chris Christie, or Iraq war veterans either.  We have Veterans Day, Memorial Day, and all the other days and occasions to think about and honor veterans, with parades, flag-waving, ceremonies, political speeches, and all the other stuff that goes on. So lets keep the Superbowl about the Superbowl, and forget about the politics at least for one day.

  2. johnleesandiego

    Veterans of the most recent wars have been forgotten by what should be a grateful nation.

    Come on Christie, let’s honor our veterans with a parade. Then let’s get to work on meeting their needs. There are an estimated 2,000 homeless veterans in the Garden State; many are on the streets because of untreated physical and mental health issues, and some of those were numbed with drugs and alcohol.

    Let’s start with a parade and then honor them everyday as long as the need is there.  

  3. johnleesandiego

    actually the number of homeless veterans has dropped during the Obama administration, and rules have been set in place so that mental health and substance abuse issues are dealt with as the medical problems that they are, not some “dishonorable” action that Rush, Sean, and Gretchen seem to believe.

    In other socialism news, funds, laws, and programs have been started, much to the disdain of the GOP, to assist wounded soldiers families as they too have given so much for the country

  4. firstamend07

    It is my understanding that the only State Department that has not had a hiring freeze over the past 4 years is the New Jersey Department of Corrections.

    Corrections Officers have been hired every year. Maybe it is time forthe NJDOC to be in direct contact with returning Vets and offer them jobs as Corrections Officers.

    The VETS training can also be used in other areas of the NJDOC,such as education and maintenance.

    Just an idea….


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