Haiku: marriage equality edition

Haiku time again – after an eventful week for civil rights in New Jersey!

You know the rules: 5, 7, 5 again. Take the topic suggestion left you, then set the topic for the next one. I’ll start (with the disclaimer that I say “towards” as one syllable):

Marriage equality

One Governors pen

May slow down but will not stop

Movement towards justice

Next topic: Obama’s popularity skyrockets in NJ

Comments (5)

  1. KendalJames

    That’s because folks here

    Are smarter than to buy pap

    That Christie peddles.

  2. Steven Goldstein, Garden State Equality chair


    In public.  Home with Daniel,

    crying at veto.

    Next topic:  Override

  3. Bertin Lefkovic

    Override Christie

    Beat him on Election Day

    Twenty Thirteen Yeah!

    Next topic: Redefine Christie

  4. JeffO Teaneck

    Always the bully,

    Oinking his insults and lies.

    What’s to redefine?

    Next topic: Civil rights by popular vote.


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