Blue, follow the bouncing ball under the fold, would you please?  Just this morn, I got another rejection; the guest column I submitted to the Press of Atlantic City.  It’s deja vu all over again since I always get rejected there.  Let’s establish the fact that I’m no writer.  OK, that said, please follow the email exchange with local editor.

And since I’m a challenger to Congress Frank LoBiondo (REPUBLICAN) this year (as I was in 2010) maybe you’d feature this diary in “featured stories?”  No matter that the non biased local editorial page editor didn’t care for the guest column, now submitted below for your perusal  (with some red hot email exchanges included… woohoo) perhaps you’d feature this?  You folks are on my team…(I hope, and I count on it.  I need you.)

Groundhog Day, deja vu, you name it, below the fold.

From: gary stein []

Sent: Friday, February 24, 2012 9:50 AM

To: Oped

Subject: RE: guest column

haven’t heard back, and i haven’t tried changing a word because i don’t know if you’re running the submission?  Mr. P., we have a real menace in this district, our congressman.  i’m trying to shed light on the expletive deleted…. i run against the guy when others won’t.  that column below doesn’t even mention him, but it would help get my name out, and the events described below are awfully relevant, here in s. jersey.  my chances of beating lobi are a million to one.  how about helping a little?

here’s more of who i try to be (i hope the link opens. it’s atlantic county democrats facebook page.  check it out please)…

btw, i call him an expletive deleted and don’t shy away from that language in private, in order to stress how badly i think guys like him have screwed this country.  “congressmannnnn” …….. if that guy is good enough, anyone of us is good enough!!!


Subject: RE: guest column

Date: Fri, 24 Feb 2012 09:53 AM



Not something we would run. It’s a rant, not a column.


Date: Fri, 24 Feb 2012 10:02 AM


sent: 10:02am

my little journey continues.  got to get off this computer for a while…..ok, maybe i’ll write a somewhat polite “letter to the editor” tonight, about lobi and off shore drilling, sigh.  hope that link opened for you? you owe me that much, have a great day.  at least i don’t bother picking up the phone and calling you direct anymore, we’re making progress (lol)




Subject: guest column

Date: Wed, 22 Feb 2012 10:57 AM

   Gary Stein, 1729 Darmstadt Ave, Mullica Twp, 08215    609-703-1741



“Finally: Signs of Economic Recovery From Around Nation.”  If I was an editor, and not a sometimes grammatically challenged candidate of Congress, that would be my headline.  Economic indicators are pointing up.  For example; in Michigan, the home of the U.S. car companies, the unemployment rate has fallen to 9.3% from a recession high of 14.1%. What’s new here in S. Jersey? Judging by the spate of recent headlines, not much; “WATCHDOG REPORT: After six years, no park, no jobs at NextGen facility in Egg Harbor Township; Jan 22, 2012, Press of Atlantic City.

   Go a few miles distant and what’s news in the gaming Mecca of the east coast?  This dubious headline greeted readers the other week, “Burlesque-style strip club at Revel casino will present ‘nightlife as art.” Reading between the lines might indicate all’s not well.

   How about Revel CEO, Kevin DeSanctis, reneging on promises to hire an adequate full time work force with good benefits, earning us this headline and national exposure;…  A certain person (“Celebrity attorney Gloria Allred wins fight to represent former Resorts cocktail servers,” Oct. 26, 2011, Press of AC) might read that and wonder, what’s up with that?

   Want more local flavor? “Steel Pier owners scrap plans to bring diving horse back to Atlantic City” And this, “Atlantic City casino gaming revenue drops 7 percent in January” And this, “CRDA is looking for input.”  

   Looking for input, THEY are?  Are they kidding!!!    I wish THEY’D checked out my endless on-line comments on Press of AC., or heard me on talk radio, or read my platform during last years abbreviated run for State Assembly (as the local Democratic machine obviously didn’t, and instead turned to their big idea person, Alisa Cooper).

   Back in December of 2010 when everything was at a standstill in this town, I suggested letting the half finished Revel go under. That’s right, “go under.”  Anyone with an ounce of common sense, understanding what’s going on in neighboring states, would make the argument it would save other casinos from the same fate going forward. And many did. But darn it, I suggested alternatives.

   I pleaded for the elected movers and shakers to get some free market religion and take over the damn Revel, not bail it out! Lately we’ve been reading about vulture capitalism. Bain Capital would appreciate a guy like me.   Steal from one group (headed by Kevin DeSanctis)-what they stole for pennies on the dollar from  Morgan Stanley.  Morgan Stanley, remember them? Yup, that bunch. We could have turned the tables, we could have recovered (some) of that taxpayer (Wall Street) bailout money.  If your home is under water, you’d understand. Another recent headline clarifies my point; “Foreclosure settlement to bring about $762 million in direct relief to New Jersey homeowners” The Feb 9th, 2012.  The AP story in the Press of Atlantic City read; “WASHINGTON – U.S. states reached a landmark $25 billion deal Thursday with the nation’s biggest mortgage lenders over foreclosure abuses that occurred after the housing bubble burst.”

   Of course the Revel was “too big to fail” so there was more to my idea than just seizing it.  Part 2 was to convert it into a University of the Arts/Science. The tower would have housed students and the rest; the restaurant area, the large theatres etc, would have been well suited to academic and community events. Want irony? Check this out; “Going away to school: New Jersey loses 40 percent of four-year college students” 12/1/2011, and “Richard Stockton College considers expansion that would make it Revel casino’s neighbor” 1/1/2012; both from the Press of Atlantic City.

   Last but not least, I imagined  big.  Perhaps a different Revel, not a casino, but an institute of higher learning, rising from the ashes, would have set the stage for the  2016 Democrat National Convention coming to our town.  In that context, perhaps a Revel/University was doable?  2010 was the low point of our long running Great Recession, and the current Democratic administration had stimulus money begging for shovel ready jobs.  BTW, I suggested billionaire philanthropist(s) “matching funds” might really pique Washington’s interest.  I had 3 icons in mind, Buffett, Turner and Gates.  One of their names, in lights, nearby to the Taj’s Donald Trump would have been a poignant message, or a new way forward.  

   There was so much more, such as applying eminent domain to beachfront and sparsely populated property’s north of Revel.  We at Stein for Assembly had in mind a seashore national park, in honor of Barack Obama.  Think about that! Might Atlantic City have then have been doubly irresistible to the Democrat National Committee as site for the 2016 Presidential Convention (on the 52nd anniversary of the 64 convention)? We’ll never know.  They’ll be no new hotels, housing future delegates, and no new University; but this facebook page I created in early 2011 as reminder;

   What’s the CRDA’s better idea? “CRDA considers adult-entertainment district for Atlantic City, but market forces, existing laws complicate issue,” 8/8/2011 and 10/12/2011, “CRDA approves Atlantic City Boardwalk lighting project”  Hardly my vision of enthusiastic school children planting flowers and picking up litter in and around town in preparation for a historic political convention in 2016.

   Ack, I wish the Revel the best of luck when it opens. Here on the mainland, I sincerely hope local politicians, including the Congressman, figure out the NextGen dilemma before the next election. I’d suggest a charity rock concert similar to “farm aid” might be in order.  Never mind how embarrassing; politicians as rock promoters, why not?

   Will there be more opportunity to ignore other visions of sugar plums and fairies, as in Stein as candidate again? Absolutely; Congress 2012.  We’ll be promoting the same tax simplification idea we floated in 2010 (as candidate). That is, raising the income tax on the top 10%, and incentivizing work for the bottom 90%, by eliminating the IRS and instituting this pay as you go feature in exchange; a 3 or 4% national sales tax on all.  Its main feature is, it becomes less and less regressive as you work harder and earn more.

   Lately, some of us have been wont to wonder how we got to this point?  It’s simple, just do as politicians do, that’s do almost nothing good.  

      the rejected column ended this way….

Today’s headlines read, “Casino Reinvestment Development Authority approves almost $10 million for initiatives to improve Atlantic City” Feb.22, 2011, Press of AC


Press of AC’s blog.   Gary Stein · Top Commenter · West Chester University of Pennsylvania

“I’d like to see an article devoted to and showing a full color spread of these (1.2 million dollar) trash cans. It’s absolutely pathetic. Hey jerks, go over to Ocean City and see how things are done on that boardwalk.”

Comments (12)

  1. denniscmcgrath

    only 200 signatures needed for a major party congressional candidacy.

  2. gary stein (Post author)

    can I stalk you (or even the other you) and not be breaking the blue jersey rules? btw, I my air time on the radio is moving in one direction, that’s upward.  I was on one show for an entire hour the other day, and invited to stick around for a second hr.  gotcha, dennis.

  3. gary stein (Post author)

    Could be?  He couldn’t contain himself earlier, but now he knows he fed right into me.  And it’s my diary and I’ll defend every dangling participle or whatever it is he doesn’t like about me.  “Filing deadline is April 2nd” …. bad …bad boy, Dennis.. Anyway, I’m talking up our Secretary of State on facebook tonight.  She’s splendid as usual.

  4. gary stein (Post author)

    me on mexico, on blue jersey on facebook other week, filed here where I (and my future opponent) can find it later.  thanks (for better or worse.  see comments by dennis)


    File under: “fearless public posting by candidate for federal office”

    I was out and about, getting signatures yesterday, and having a great time at eyeglass outlet in Hamilton Mall discussing issues with small group there. One man totally blew me away. Totally out of the blue, he mentions it would make sense if we offered Mexico statehood. I let him finish. he mentioned all the obvious advantages … then I told him I’ve been saying almost the same thing for last 4 years……it’s true. And there’s a bunch of not so obvious advantages as well. And damned to “unintended consequences” …… the price for doing nothing about this immigration issue AND also, the minor tweaking of our economy in the face of this great (world wide) economic recession, is just as problematical. Sink my candidacy? I think not.See More

    LikeUnlike ·  ·Unfollow PostFollow Post · February 15 at 9:53am

    Mark G.

    Accept for a few caveats… Independant nation, mostly impoverished and without a relatively stable infrastructure, the US being called “Empiristic”, a crime problem that would result in an internal war between crime syndicates and our military for decades.

    Accept for those small details, sure.

    February 15 at 10:35am ·

    Gary Stein

    except that maybe there’s no other good way out of our economic doldrums of late and new diminished status in the world. just saying……it’s not like I think it’s ever goin to happen (but it should). Listen sir, I’ve been down there where the news reporters never go, and I know their problems better then most.

    February 15 at 10:49am

    Mark G.

    Yeah. Familiar with Mexico from years ago and as I understand it, aside from the tourist spots, the rest has just gotten a whole lot worse.

    The best way out of our situation is to return us to a nanufacturing nation with a focus on recreating the infrastructire in light of the new energy realities as well as building out a transportation system that puts more trains on the rails and fewer cars on the roads.

    No significant economic doldfrum in this nation was reversed without a national infrastructure mandate.

    That is what we need now.

    February 15 at 10:52am ·

    Mark G.

    fat fingers. Sorry

    February 15 at 10:53am

    Gary Stein

    on telephone ….. back shortly

    February 15 at 10:53am

    Gary Stein

    Some manufacturing is never coming back. Instead of it being done with slave labor in china why not help mexico and produce even more goods there then what you have already. Set up manufacturing co-operation zones where we can be assured corruption is not allowed, and with security provided by joint Mexican/American troops. Listen, I’m just talking plain wistfulness here……but what if? It’s totally corrupt down there and Mexico has been deemed our #1 security threat. I’d love to see the offer of statehood, down the road offered to Mex, offered up by their pols before the nation collapses…….and see if that offer rouses an outpouring in the streets like you have in the middle east. I know these Mexican people, it would be peaceful. Again, I’m just imagining. It ain’t gonna happen because people are narrow minded. You know we did basically steal the south-west from these people. Think about the billions of private investment that would go south if we combined. The country is gorgeous. Many undocumented Mexicans would self-deport because they’d be needed back home, knowing English the way they do (of course they’d just be moving to another part of the combined country). I know these people, it’s not easy for them being here. They wouldn’t necessarily be automatically  entitled to Social Security etc (in my very unlikely plan). And this, what about the new, small border we’d then have with Gautamala, instead of like now with 1500 mile one with Mex. Food for thought. Corruption wouldn’t be tolerated in those other countries if my great “what-if” ever took hold. Again, been down there many times. Hope to go back this yr if I can just RAISE a few bucks for my campaign. We are basically broke in the stein household….. sad and funny.

    February 15 at 11:22am ·  

  5. Blue12345

    Haven’t seen Mr. Stein on this site lately, but just updating the rest of us.  I’ve caught wind that the Atlantic County Dems are putting up another candidate.  They seem to be waiting til the last minute, but they have someone ready and willing to do it.  We might actually see a serious Congressional election this time around, in the 2nd District.  


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