Congressman Leonard Lance- Town Meeting- February 25, 2012

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There are those, myself included, who have noticed a great difference between former State Sen. Leonard Lance and current Congressman Leonard Lance.

Star-Ledger columnist Tom Moran, in a May 2011 column, observed that Lance has undergone a “curious transformation” upon his election to Congress. Moran notes, for example, that Lance was a “pro-choice Republican going way back, [however] he voted recently to cut off all funding for Planned Parenthood, even those clinics that provide health care with no abortion services.”

Considering that this is an election year, and Lance faces a primary challenge from the conservative tea party end of his party, don’t expect him to return to the moderate centrist Lance anytime soon.

I attended the Congressman’s Town Meeting today, and Lance let pass any and every opportunity to return to his more moderate centrist former self.

The subject matter of questions ranged from the economy, to Planned Parenthood, to tax cuts, to the Defense of Marriage Act, and back again to the economy. The right-wingers in the audience were in great abundance, challenging Lance as not being “conservative” enough.

One woman from Clinton Township, claimed that she had heard on the Mike Gallagher radio show that, “Planned Parenthood is responsible for all the abortions in America. That’s the only business they’re in-that’s all they do is perform abortions. And their founder, Margaret Sanger, wanted to kill all ‘the black babies’. That’s what they’re trying to do today —kill all ‘the black babies’.”

That is the kind of outrageous comment the Leonard Lance of old would very respectfully correct, taking great pains to make sure that while he corrected the woman, she never felt insulted.

However, Congressman Lance made no such effort. He reiterated that he believed that no federal funds should go to pay for abortions; he said he believed that a financial “wall” should be created in every Planned Parenthood organization between funds spent on abortion and funds spent on mammograms, prenatal care, etc.

He never once acknowledged the fine work that Planned Parenthood does everyday in saving women’s lives, and never once reiterated his support for the legal pro-choice position. Also, he never once corrected the false claim that “every abortion in America is performed by Planned Parenthood.” (BTW, abortions account for 3% of their total services; Planned Parenthood conducts roughly 300,000 abortions each year amongst more than 3 million people they serve.)

I found his “curious transformation” very unfortunate, indeed.

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  1. ken bank

    This is why Len Lance is running scared. Check out this ad from Dave Larsen two years ago, the same opponent he has this year. Keep in mind also the opposition to Lance is united this time around as the other two teabaggers who ran against him last time have retreated into tea party oblivion. Dave Larsen, however, still has the resources and name recognition to make this the most heavily contested primary in the state except for the 9th district which, btw, is turning into a real bloodbath.

  2. Hopeful

    …from rejecting Mike Castle and throwing away a Senate seat. If Castle was vulnerable to an absurdity, then nobodies like Lance or LoBiondo could be beaten anytime.  


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