Chris Christie messes with Bill Maher’s New Jersey exceptionalism

ICYMI, Friday night’s Overtime segment on HBO’s Real Time, Bill Maher with guests Eliot Spitzer, Stephen Moore and Erin Pike. Discussion of Christie and his unsophisticated, pandering positions on marriage and other things begins at mark 5:40.

Ep. 238: February 17, 2012 – Overtime

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  1. zi985

    NJ Senate President Stephen Sweeney debated with NJ Assembly Republican Leader Jon Bramnick on CNN today about same-sex marriage in NJ,

  2. Stacygk

    My assumption about the working poor is that they are likely to be working on Saturday, making it an equally difficult day to vote. I get frustrated when I hear middle class and wealthy folks forget that not everybody can enjoy their weekends or has the standard 40 hour work week. Referring to other countries – as Maher has done — that might not have comparable populations and economics is not cutting it. Research in several states has not shown weekend voting as being a decent option for bringing more voters into the polls.


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