Chris Chistie Announces He Is Running for President in 2016

With the economy improving and Mitt Romney in a bitter fight with Rick Santorum — yeah, Rick Santorum! — it appears Chris Christie has decided that Barack Obama will be a two term President and the next chance for a Republican President will be in 2016.

Otherwise, why veto the marriage equality bill as he has?  And call for a referendum?

I can’t see how it helps him except if he wants to run for President in 2016 and thinks signing the bill would sign his GOP death warrant.

Tom Moran, who we at Blue Jersey have bashed a few times, hits the nail on the head:

This is likely about politics. Christie has national ambitions, and signing this bill would severely diminish his standing in the Republican Party, and probably kill his chances of reaching the White House. The veto will protect his career, but at the expense of gay citizens of this state.

If the governor really wanted to ensure equal rights to gays, he could have signed the bill. It’s that simple. His refusal to do so is not a surprise. But it is a disappointment.

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  1. 12mileseastofTrenton

    Did Moran or anyone else really think he would sign it?  He’d give up any chance of being on the Republican ticket this year, in 2016 or any election in the foreseeable future.  

  2. Jersey Shore John

    “These billionaires are smart men. Devious men. I’ve followed them for years, and they do nothing in a straight line. The super PAC that Singer and the gang control, Restore Our Future, is supposed to be for Romney. But it’s not; it’s for Singer and Bill Koch. The future they want to restore is their own, not yours or mine – or Romney’s.

    Now, if your ultimate goal is to beat Obama and you need Christie to do it, you want the GOP race to end in a brokered convention. Then, the billionaires become the brokers. In the best of all worlds for these super PAC men, no candidate gets the 1,144 delegates needed to win. Restore Our Future can then restore the nomination to Christie (or, say, Sen. Marco Rubio, or both), someone who can win.”


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