Weekend News Roundup & Open Thread for Jan. 7-8, 2011

A second chance for the NJ legislature to do the right thing

  • And a chance for some redemption for some Democrats. Marriage Equality will be the first measure to be introduced in both Assembly & Senate in the coming session.

    Are you black? Hispanic? Female? You need to read this

  • Rutgers economist: Unemployment is falling, but it’s falling the most for white men.

    Test scores. Teacher evaluations

  • New study supports using test scores in teacher evaluations. (Tom Moran)
  • One Study Does Not a Policy Make (Jersey Jazzman)

    63% of NJ’s elderly & 58% of low-income residents did not go online over a 30-day period

  • Something that needs to be considered as NJ considers eliminating requirements to publish legal ads in newspapers. Of course, newspapers have a huge stake in this too.

  • Express-Times makes the newspapers’ case.

    Steve Sweeney would be judged on his NJ Senate leadership, which would have to improve

  • Sen. Sweeney explores U.S. Senate run.

    Now, 9 months after he told the press to ‘take a bat out on’ Loretta Weinberg, he regrets it?

  • Gee, I wonder if that has anything to do with the fact she’ll be Senate Majority Leader in a few hours. Christie’s woulda-coulda-shouldas also include ditching Jersey for Disney during the blizzard – – a year ago.

    Christie: New Jersey Gov? Or Romney Gov?

  • Who’s Christie working for?

  • Christie’s 2nd trip out of state to NH for Mitt. (Washington Post)

    Two candidates separated by style

  • Pascrell. Rothman. (Herb Jackson)

    Christie says visit to Bergen wasn’t meant to signal a GOP shake-up

  • Intra-party soap opera, this time on GOP side. (Charlie Stile)

    Kim Guadagno, or somebody in her office, really needs to grow up

  • LG in a snit? Menendez & Christie, and other tidbits from The Auditor.

    Ever wonder what physicist Rush Holt did before Congress?

  • He helped run this huge lab, about to get a major upgrade.

    Hudson County’s Power List

  • You on it? (Hudson Reporter)

    More Education

  • Assembly committee unanimously OK’s ‘Urban Hope Act’.

  • No surprise – No Child Left Behind FAIL.

    Menendez denies

  • Flatly rejects media reports Friday suggesting that he’s blocking one of President Barack Obama’s appellate court nominees because she’s in a relationship with a federal prosecutor who investigated the senator for corruption during his 2006 campaign.
  • Why did Menendez block nomination of favored N.J. judge? (Tom Moran)

    More Jerseynomics

  • Christie planning to rein in Port Authority in ’12.
  • Show me the jobs, Governor.
  • Boomers: You own a lot of small biz. What next?
  • Yo, utilities: Solar’s got some demands …
  • Builders ready to start construction in 2012.

    How do we stop the violence killing Newark’s children

  • There are good, stable families. Hardworking parents, fathers who protect their kids. But too many children, young men, grow up learning to emulate a misrepresentation of what a man is supposed to be. (Joan Whitlow)

    Garfield march against police violence

  • Supporters of slain teenager Malik Williams, killed by police after fleeing from police HQ, marched through the streets of Garfield, calling for an end to police violence.

    More Trentonia

  • Developers & environmentalists spar over sewer bill.

  • Gov. Christie signed the Grow NJ bill yesterday, allotting $200M for economic development in 9 transit hub cities that need financial help, including Newark & Jersey City.

  • Wind energy: Maryland’s watching New Jersey.
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    1. 12mileseastofTrenton

      is a big difference between Pascrell and Rothman.  And one weighing in Pascrell’s favor.

    2. 12mileseastofTrenton

      instead of teachers.

      As usual, he’s advocating a solution in search of a problem.


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