Tears Of A Clown/and the Washington Post to Stein for Congress 2012

Below; submitted as an Op-Ed column on the odd chance… they … the Washington Post, would print.  No reply back http://www.youtube.com/watch?v…  …. a waste of time on my end.  I never laid claim to being a writer and don’t even understand the most basic rules of punctuation.  Does any of that really matter in the big scheme of things?


A new year is upon us as we enter the fourth year of the Great Recession. Congress likes to think it’s on the job steering the ship of state.   But they’re killing us, they really are; like arguing for weeks about 2 month or 12 month extensions of the social security payroll tax reduction.  It’s on, it’s off, on, off, on… What it is, is no brainer.  Get it done this February and let’s move on all you incumbents, or else…

In this winter of our discontent we need solutions.  Look outside Washington for change. I could be that freaken change.  I’m a totally independent Democrat. The candidate that never goes away, because in reality he’s never been heard from, even though he’s run for office 4 yrs in a row (making for vast frustration on my part) is back pounding away.  Growing weary, but at the same time seeing hopeful signs that a sleeping giant, the electorate, is stirring.  And maybe we are actually pissing the establishment off, be it the Tea Party or the 99ers doing the shaking.  For my part, I’ll start the New Year’s off by writing this and submitting it to the Washington Post.  Would the 4th estate print this?  They’ve printed worse!  My ideas actually make sense, so I’m sending. OK, here’s where we stand; I’m this unknown candidate for Congress again; the 2010 Democrat who got the 31% of the vote, just for being on the ballot (I’m afraid that was the extent of it) vs the entrenched Republican @ 65%.  On my web site (new this year) is a link and this quote: “What’s more, we’d create a huge income bracket of- middle income- high middle income- and the not quite rich -who’d see taxes fall precipitously, creating a tremendous incentive to be in that new doughnut hole of reduced taxes and upward mobility.”

2012’s Democratic hopeful can only afford a $100 GoDaddy web site.  My opponent is one of the Newt Gingrich, class of 94, freshman Congressman; and he has lots of money in the bank to campaign with and donate to fellow Republicans.  On my site, there’s music players on every page as I continue to look for some way to stand out.  And why not, Stein for Congress is a music connoisseur.  Music, troubled times, and THIS brilliant economic plan of mine!  It HAS potential.  It’s the political “Big Idea” we’ve been waiting for in 2012.

People I beseech you, google the name, use the web site, click the link.  The words “Blue Jersey” are the link.   See the plan that would get us out of this mess we’re mired in!  It goes something like this; bump the income tax rate higher on the top 10%, eliminate it completely on bottom 90%, and institute one highly regressive National Sales Tax of 4%.   A balanced budget amendment too, and we’re almost good to go.  Then one snarky, “Who knows, I might belong in the pantheon of great economic thinkers?  Gailbrath, Adam Smith, (Gary Stein), Milton Friedman to name a few.”  Their pictures, side by side with my picture, are on the site.  Me, snarky?  Resigned to obscurity is more like it. One more year … at this rate, and I become unhinged.  I have to break out soon.  Read my economic plan folks, go to the site.  The site is “theessentialsteinforcongress2012.com”  

2012; we pick a President and a new Congress.   As for the latter, make it the year of the little guy.  Let’s be heard; put the powerful on notice.  Take back health care; put 100 Congressmen and women out to pasture.  Give Wall Street and the banks something to worry about.  Why not pull our money and  figure out where we can invest it?  I have an idea, an op-ed exclusive. How about putting it into government backed, General Motors and Chrysler?  Then go out and buy an American made car from Detroit (assuming you, the poor suffering middle class fall guy, has the cash or credit) The result would be an increased stock price.  A public inspired conspiracy; insider trading, and perfectly legal.   Buy GM and Chrysler!  Mr. and Mrs. Average Dlub, manipulates the stock, and makes a profit.  And the assembly line workers too, they make a profit.  And the whoever else also; doesn’t matter.   Get it together, unite, if we’re as mad as we say we are.   Buy a Chevrolet and check out my Congressman in N.J.’s second district.  And check me out.  I don’t own a dimes worth of any stock. I wish I did but I don’t.   My Congressman once took a term limit pledge and now I’d like to have his $176,000/year job.  One term only, it’s part of my 1-1-1 pledge. Let’s stick it to the country club fat cats … sideways, and don’t forget, unelect at least 100 of their lackeys in Washington this year.  Sure!  And the Washington Post is going to print this … and I have a bridge I’d like to sell you.

Checked my email one last time………nothing from the Post.  When all else fails, there’s still one option; publish on Blue Jersey as a run of the mill diary, then more of that “obscurity” I mentioned above.

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  1. denniscmcgrath

    and it’s “Block” functions …

  2. Bertin Lefkovic

    …you can’t write, find someone who can.  I am sure that you can find a college student somewhere who shares your values, who can write, and has an enough of an understanding of social media to help you with your campaign communications.

    I never laid claim to being a writer and don’t even understand the most basic rules of punctuation.  Does any of that really matter in the big scheme of things?

    Yes it does, Gary.  Before you can get people to come out to a rally on your behalf or volunteer at your campaign headquarters, you need to be able to communicate with them, and your YouTube videos are not going to cut it and diaries like this one won’t either.

    Bill Pascrell was a teacher and he is helpless without his staff.  There is no shame in needing help, but the first step to recovery is asking for it.  Once you can do that, you will find that you can get it and everything else gets easier after that.


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