Not as Egregious as Bush v Gore, But Still a Wrong Court Decision

I’m no fan of Gabriela Mosquera. She’s got limited experience and is just not ready to assume the role as a New Jersey Assemblywoman. She’s a loyal soldier to the South Jersey Democratic machine, and would not be an independent voice in the Assembly.  If I lived in the district and were to ever vote for a Republican, Pat Fratticcoli, one of Mosquera’s opponents, would get my vote. But that’s not my call. Nineteen thousand voters in District 4 overwhelmingly selected Mosquera and her running mate Paul Moriarty over their opponents Fratticcioli and Shirley Lovett.

That’s why today’s Supreme Court decision is so troublesome. As the Gloucester County Times reported,

Minutes before the 215th Legislature – including the Fourth District’s Gabriela Mosquera – was set to be sworn into office today, a Supreme Court order issued a stay that keeps the Democrat Assemblywoman-elect from raising her right hand and taking her seat in the Assembly.

I’m no lawyer, and don’t have the insight of the testimony and evidence that the court heard, but for me as a citizen, their decision lacks common sense. Shirley Lovett, the top Republican vote getter, is contesting Mosquera’s victory based on an arcane residency requirement that was shot down by the Supreme Court a decade ago. And while the residency requirement is the law, it’s just plain wrong in my opinion.

The Democrats will continue their fight – after all, this is just a stay, not a disqualification. Let’s hope they prevail and the voices of the voters of the district are heard. And let’s hope that Gabby Mosquera grows into the job quickly and establishes herself as an independent advocate for Democratic ideals.

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