News Roundup & Open Thread for Wednesday, Jan. 25, 2012

Marriage Equality Bill Sent to Full Senate

  • Watch the Senate Judiciary Committee members vote and discuss their reasons.

  • Christie tries to duck marriage equality with referendum proposal.

  • Our testimony open thread, 135 comments.

  • Thoughts on a Day in Trenton – bigotry, and uplift in the words of New Jerseyans.
  • Law professors: Civil union law unequal to marriage.

  • Text of Gov. Christie’s call for referendum.

  • Mayor Cory Booker blasts referendum idea.

  • NJ Senate panel advances same-sex marriage bill.

  • Christie vows veto.

  • Ledger samples opinions on the street.

    President Barack Obama 2012 State of the Union Address

  • Did you miss it? Watch it now.

  • State of the Union serves as backdrop to Pascrell v. Rothman.

    3 to vie for Alex DeCroce’s seat tonight

  • And one of them is BettyLou DeCroce. Now, who do you think they pick?

    Essex County Executive Joe DiVincenzo’s ‘magic credit card’ merits investigation

  • Do you want your public officials to live like this?


  • Remember the Christie & Christiecrat landmark move to shift pension costs to public workers & cut cost of living increases? Pension hole’s still growing. Why? Because Christie failed to make a payment.
  • NJ politicians mixed on releasing tax returns.

    Environmentalists: Water supply endangered by nuclear plants

  • Environmental activists: Nearly 3.3 million New Jerseyans drink water from supplies at risk of contamination if there’s a leak or accident at a nuclear plant.


  • Christie’s ‘historic’ appointments to N.J. Supreme Court bring diversity to all-white panel.

    NJ educators get D+

  • Tailor made for a reformy push by Gov. Christie, the “analysis” – by the Gates Foundation-driven group, privately funded that puts out non-peer reviewed opinion pieces dressed as ‘policy analysis’ finds NJ ripe for merit pay, monkeying with tenure, etc. etc.

    Finger-Pointing Precedes Teacher Contract Talks in Newark

  • Superintendent Cami Anderson introduces a survey from a Michelle Rhee-connected group the teachers union sees as anti-union.
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    1. 12mileseastofTrenton

      this year and next.  And Christie wants to cut taxes by $1 billion.  

      Fiscal malpractice.


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