News Roundup & Open Thread for Tuesday, Jan. 3, 2012

The 9th & the 5th

  • Rothman Challenge to Pascrell Could Dash Minority Hopes.
  • Garrett is vulnerable and must go.
  • Coming soon: The Real Congressmen of NJ. (Al Doblin)
  • What the Democrats were missing that led to 2 incumbent Dems duking it out in the 9th and open questions in the 5th.
  • Chips fall: Gary Schaer backs Rothman.


  • 4 Glaring Problems With New Jersey’s Charter School Approval Process. (Save Our Schools NJ)
  • 5 to Watch in Education: Shaping NJ schools in 2012.
  • ‘Reforms’ may end teacher tenure in NJ.

    Assorted Christie

  • Caucuses are today, but some Iowans are still jonesing for Christie. (CNN)

  • For Christie, returning favor to Romney is important.

  • Highlights from Christie’s first 2 years.

  • 2 years of progress & pitfalls under Christie.

    New Jersey Attorney General

  • Paula Dow leaves office after nearly 2 stressful, sometimes frustrating, years.
  • More honey, less vinegar: Christie is intelligent,  but he has trouble rising above the mud-slinging, name-calling, pettiness. His undoing as governor? (APP editorial)

    Tree on property owned by West New York Mayor Felix Roque trimmed by municipal employee working on town time

  • NJ Dept. of Community Affairs is investigating Christie Democratic ally Roque’s several properties – plus Chief of Staff Silvio Acosta & town Commissioner Ruben Vargas – to track whether public workers were used to maintain them. It’s illegal for public workers to do private work for an official on the taxpayers’ time.


  • Senate Judiciary will consider Jeff Chiesa Thursday, Christie’s pick for AG.
  • I’ll take a grilled cheese and Stubby’s Prayer in the 5th.
  • Lesniak pushes online gaming. (Politico)

    Countdown to NJ’s Countdown to NJ’s Health Insurance Exchange

  • State has 6 months to set details of its insurance exchange & qualify for $5M in federal grants.


  • NJ’s elderly population to surge.

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    1. Jay Lassiter

      I’m sure Rothman is grateful for the help.  one has to wonder however  when Schaer will find the time to actively campaign AND effectively carry out his MULTIPLE, PUBLIC SECTOR tax-payer-funded jobs.


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