News Roundup & Open Thread for Thursday, Jan. 12, 2012

Word of the Day: Grackles!

Despite advocacy from Jim Florio, legislative ‘father’ of Superfund, and Lois Gibbs, called Superfund’s ‘mother’ for her activism at Love Canal …

  • EPA withholds Superfund status for the Pompton Lakes plume, to cries of “farce!” from many residents.

    More on Gov. Christie’s sexist blow job joke in New Hampshire

  • Dealing with Christie’s defenders. (Slate)

    A job for Chris Christie

  • Before he takes off on the campaign trail through the primary states, there’s work to be done in Christie’s backyard, and his in-your-face style is perfectly suited for it. Christie should tour some of the areas seeing a spike in anti-semitic incidents and make it clear, as only he can, that criminals who commit any kind of bias crime on his watch will “go down” just as swiftly as those hecklers in New Hampshire. (The Jewish Week)

    Additional Assorted Christie

  • Christie’s star is rising with every Romney win. (Joseph Albright)

    Spurned Union County official sues after being given $120K do-nothing job

  • If Martians drop out of the sky and want to know what’s wrong with New Jersey politics, show them this story.

    NJTV blasted yet again for Statehouse coverage

  • Assemblyman John Burzichelli: It’s come to the point where strike one, strike two, strike three – it’s time for NJTV to be out of here.

    Assemblyman Patrick Diegnan: Given the gravity of the situation, NJTV has become the ultimate ‘Jersey Joke’.

  • Michael Aron defends his new employer, NJTV.

    Monmouth County Assemblyman looks to block local anti-medical marijuana efforts

  • GOP assemblyman Declan O’Scanlon will have a bill to protect NJ’s selected pot growers from running afoul of local zoning.


  • Activists hope for full ban on fracking.

  • Just about to get your drivers license, teens? You might have to work harder to get it.

    The Senate Leadership

  • Steve Sweeney & Loretta Weinberg – our video interview

    Is New Jersey’s new anti-bullying law an unfunded mandate for schools?

  • The Allamuchy school district, joined by a few others is bringing their complaint about the cost to the district of following the new law to the state’s Council on Local Mandates. Among those defending the law, students in the gay and lesbian coalition at Rutgers Law School.

    LD-16 Republicans will pick assemblyperson Jan. 19th

  • Selecting a replacement for the late Pete Biondi, who died 48 hours after the November election. Whoever they pick would have to stand for election again in November, if they want to keep the seat.

    Perhaps Pollster Patrick Murray Should Stick to Polling

  • Errors and misperceptions in a post by Murray about the drive toward marriage equality.

    In CD3, it’s Adler v. Sacks-Wilner

  • But it’s complicated.

    Bloomberg to host big-ticket event for Cory Booker

  • NYC mayor will open his home for his ally across the river, for Booker Team for Newark 2104, his PAC, though Booker is rumored to be eyeing a U.S. Senate seat.

    Funeral details for Alex DeCroce

  • The late Assembly Minority Leader will be laid to rest Friday morning in Parsippany.
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    1. gary stein

      makes him unsuitable as Romney’s running mate, I hate to say it.  If Christie was a presidential candidate himself, I don’t think it would be as problematic.

      And Romney’s no lock on being the nominee!


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