New Round of Steve Rothman Endorsements

In the one-upsmanship of key player endorsements in the tense primary contest between Bill Pascrell and Steve Rothman, a new round of supporters came today from Rothman, followed by a new list from the Pascrell camp. We’ll post the newest Pascrell list later this afternoon.

A few days ago the decision by key Latino leaders in Paterson to stay neutral in the Pascrell v. Rothman primary was seen as a setback for Pascrell. Paterson, where Pascrell was born, won his first election (Student Council President) and served as mayor, now has a large, active Latino population. It’s been the district’s home base. Leaders like City Council members Julio Tavarez and Rigo Rodriguez, Board of Education VP Alex Mendez and Commissioners Wendy Guzman and Pedro Rodriguez cited both incumbent Dems support of the DREAM Act and Comprehensive Immigration Reform, healthcare for all, and protecting New Jersey from terrorism, policies common to both men and appreciated by those Paterson leaders.

Steve Rothman today responded to this with a fairly well-timed list of endorsements to add to his list, not from Passaic where some key Latinos electeds are still neutral, but from Bergen and Hudson counties.

Rothman’s newest endorsements, after the fold.

Today’s endorsers include newly sworn-in Assembly members Marlene Caride (D-36) and Angelica Jimenez (D-32) as well as Ridgefield Mayor Anthony Suarez, Ridgefield Democratic Municipal Chairman Steve Pellino, Ridgefield Councilmen Javier Acosta, Russell Castelli and Hugo Jimenez and Ridgefield Park Democratic Municipal Chairman Junior Hernandez. Rothman:

I’m proud to add these fine leaders to our ever-growing list of supporters. It’s particularly exciting to attract the support of so many of the area’s outstanding Hispanic leaders. My record on issues of interest to the Latino community is extremely strong and I’m ready to continue to fight on their behalf in Washington.

In a release sent to press, Rothman touts his 100% rating from the National Hispanic Leadership Agenda (Pascrell gets the same 100% rating), and what he calls a strongly pro-Hispanic congressional voting record, including support for immigration reform, and path to citizenship.

Assemblywoman Caride, who is of Cuban descent, said this:

Steve Rothman has been a friend to the Hispanic community in New Jersey for his entire tenure in Washington and I’m proud to add my name to his impressive list of endorsers



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  1. carolh

    TWO well respected and qualified men vying for the same votes.  The voters in Bergen who know Rothman support him and the voters in Passaic who know Pascrell support him.  I don’t plan on helping folks put either of these men down.  We would be well served if EITHER man won this race.  We should treat this like two qualified candidates going for the same job.  One can win WITHOUT destroying the other. I know a campaign can be won without going negative – I’ve done it.  Lets hope this continues with both men putting their best foot forward in a race that stays civil.  Because the ULTIMATE fight is still going to be in November and we can’t give this seat away – we’ve already lost one already.

  2. carolh

    against Pascrell specifically that may have nothing to do with his fitness for the office.  Using abortion as a wedge issue is something Republicans do.  Honestly, Bert, you are exasperating lately.  With friends like you, who needs Republicans?

  3. The Wizard

    has taken on traumatic brain injury as an issue. It may not be in issue important to the vast majority, but it’s an issue that requires our attention. In a political body of 435 members, finding an issue with broad appeal is sometimes difficult.

    Bill Pascrell is essentially a constituent oriented Congressman, and he’s represented me well, despite my disagreement with some of his votes. Politics is the art of compromise. Another way to characterize the pork Bill Pascrell has brought to his district is jobs, and if you like fewer people employed, Pascrell may not be your guy.  


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