Let’s Hope He’s Better at Picking Football …

than he is at picking presidential candidates.

Gov. Chris Christie today guaranteed a Giants victory in the Super Bowl against the New England Patriots.

“They’re going to win,” Christie told the raucous crowd at the Jewish Community Center (JCC).

h/t PolitickerNJ’s Back Room

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  1. Nick Lento
  2. Jeff Doshna

    Looks like he held another one of these town hall political rallies at a Jewish Community Center — a non-profit that isn’t supposed to be doing such nonsense.

    Since this is in my neck-of-the-woods, rest assured that I am going to find out if the State paid anything for the use of the facility this time!

  3. gary stein

    the Giants and Christie… you’d have to go back and see.

    Cory Booker is big winner in all this. I’ve said that before as well.  Repubs have made it impossible for guys like Christie and Rudy to run for Pres. and keep any sense of dignity.  The Guv. must stay relevant, so like a jerk he backs Romney, who’s the biggest sell out I’ve ever seen.  What I’m saying is, Thursday night’s Presidential debate is everything for Christie.  

    I wasn’t asked and it’s a little obscure…. but that’s my 2 cents worth.  


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