Christie’s “independent” SuperPAC returns

The Christie SuperPAC – it’s back.

And as we reported here at Blue Jersey back in September – the Committee for Our Children’s Future about as independent from Chris Christie as Stephen Colbert’s SuperPAC is from Stephen Colbert. He met with the group’s treasurer – his college buddy – on the same day he denied being connected to the group.

Today, the group launched a $1.5 million TV ad buy pushing the Governor’s 10% income tax proposal and touting the Governor as a bipartisan leader.

What does that mean?

One, that it’s time for a fuller investigation of the connections between this group and Christie.

Two, it’s the opening salvo of the 2013 gubernatorial campaign.

Let’s face it: Chris Christie is more politically vulnerable than he would like you to think.

Like most bullies, he runs the risk of dramatically dropping in power and influence if enough people stand up to him. We started to see that back in spring of last year with rapidly dropping poll numbers, until his numbers bounced back after he could claim that he had reined in the Democratic Legislature (remember that Koch brothers speech?) through the pen/ben deal.

This ad campaign plays off of that, claiming Christie’s bipartisan successes – and trying to go for independent voters based on them. And trying to push the Democratic Legislature to hand Christie the income tax cut win and once again have him claim bipartisanship to his benefit.

There will be more to say over time, but one final point – $1.5 million is a lot of money, considering that $5 million just resuscitated a presidential campaign in South Carolina. Where’s that money coming from?

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