Christie Caught In a Whopper

I’m sure you’re all shocked to hear this, but a video just released this morning pretty much proves that Chris Christie lied at his town hall in Voorhees last week:

That’s right: Amir Khan – charter school founder, anti-marriage equity activist, and terrible speller – has been on the dais for TWO Christie “town halls.” Khan says he’s met with Christie “frequently.”

But when asked about Khan, Christie said, “I don’t know who you’re talkin’ about.” Even as the man was sitting right behind him!

Let’s see how Christie tries to weasel his way out of this one. More on Khan and Christie soon, including some clues about why Christie lied.

ADDING: Darcie Cimarusti reports Khan was backstage with Christie before the Voorhees event:

I have confirmed with multiple individuals in attendance at the Town Hall Meeting that Amir Khan was seen behind the curtain that was behind the platform.  Governor Christie came out from behind the same curtain.  Khan was allegedly behind the curtain for some time, and only came out and took his seat under the Jersey Comeback banner 5 minutes before the Governor.

I don’t use this word casually, but in this case, there’s little doubt: Chris Christie lied about not knowing Amir Khan. The evidence is overwhelming. The only question left is “why?”

ADDING MORE: Khan says he’s met with Christie “frequently”:

Regis would open at the Solid Rock Worship Center, a nondenominational, predominantly African American church. The Rev. Amir Khan, pastor of Solid Rock, sits on a committee of African American pastors that he said has met frequently with Christie on the issue of charter schools.

How much more proof do we need that Christie lied about knowing Khan?

ADDING EVEN MORE: Darcie Cimarusti has much more on Khan:

Regis Academy’s approval was one of only four that round; the first round COMPLETELY overseen by Cerf.  In the press release to announce the decisions it was stated that:

The Department has expanded its strategies for growing the state’s charter sector and increasing the number of high-quality seats available to students.  One shift in focus includes expanding efforts to attract high-quality charter applicants.

Which “expanded strategy” allowed for Amir Khan to be considered a “high-quality applicant?”

Guess only Acting Commissioner Cerf and the Governor know for sure.  But when Khan is on the dais, and the Governor preposterously claims not to know him, it sure makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

STILL NOT CONVINCED? Christie’s Attorney General Paula Dow on video showering praise on Khan. And I break down why I think Christie lied.

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  1. Bertin Lefkovic

    …that David Gregory and the people who work for him at Meet the Press don’t read Blue Jersey.  I could be wrong, but I think that Tim Russert would have been prepared with this earlier today.

  2. Senator Loretta Weinberg
  3. Senator Loretta Weinberg

    Maybe it was all the marriage equality stuff you wove in that confused me. The clip really made me laugh. How do you guys do that stuff so fast?

  4. ken bank

    George Romney appointed my father to a government commission when the former was HUD Secretary in 1970. My father met with Romney on many occassions as a member of that commission. My father raised lots of money for Romney when the latter ran for president in 1968. My father knew George Romney, my father liked George Romney, my father raised alot of money for George Romney, and George Romney wouldn’t know my father from a hole in the head.

    I note that you’re not above twisting facts to suit your own purpose. You mention in the body of your essay that Khan met with Christie “frequently”, implying that they met alone. Nice try. But in the accompanying quote Khan says he met with Christie when he was serving on a committee. Big difference. I’ve served on committees that met with politicians, and we discussed relevant issues. And I’m positive that the same politicians I met with at those meetings wouldn’t know me or recognize me even if I sat right next to them on the same stage.

    Beating up on a politician for not recognizing the name of someone sitting with them on the same stage, even if they met with them before (as part of a committee) is just making a “whopper” out of a mcnugget. It says more about you than it does about them.


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