CD-5: Teaneck’s Adam Gussen to run against Scott Garrett

Since New Jersey was redistricted late last month, leaving the state with one less congressional district and a volatile, unsettled Democratic Party beginning what looks to be an ugly primary contest between Bill Pascrell and Steve Rothman, focus has been on the 9th, the district Rothman declined to run in.

That leaves the 5th an open question; who will challenge  Tea Party darling Scott Garrett?

Connie Wagner appears to have strong and broad support. Among other names, incoming Assemblyman Tim Eustace was early talked up but has since signed on to the (437-member) Draft Connie Wagner for Congress facebook page. Also mulling it over (or being urged in by supporters) are Passaic Freeholder Terry Duffy, Se. Bob Gordon, the victor in November’s most hotly contested race, and (wild card!) NFL Hall of Famer Harry Carson.

Adam GussenAdam Gussen, Teaneck’s Deputy Mayor, is the first to make it official, formally announcing he’s in. In the reconfigured 5th, most of reliably-Democratic Teaneck landed in the 5th (it had been Rothman territory).

I don’t know much about Gussen, except that 3 years when he was a councilman ago he filed to primary Valerie Huttle and Gordon Johnson, who serve LD-37 with Sen. Loretta Weinberg, and then dropped out.

Bergen folks, I’d be interested to know your impressions of Gussen and how strong he might be against Garrett.  

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  1. liz

    The comments I really have to say at this time are:

    It really would have been the right thing to do if he had reached out to all of the broad based elements of the Democratic party, including the municipal chairs in the newly configured 5th and asked their opinion of his decision to run, before making a public announcement that he was running.

    I am uncertain as to how many Democratic Party Activiists and other Municipal Chairs really know him.

    However, thank goodness for Facebook, Twitter and Blue Jersey- otherwise many of us would never have known!

    As far as his ability to beat Garrett– We need the right kind of candidate who can take on the Garrett Machine.  We need someone whose political record wont become a target for Garrett, who can raise the funds necessary, and who can appeal district wide-

    I am the Municipal Chair of Teaneck and am in the midst of conversations with Democrats at all levels as to finding the right candidate who can beat Scott Garrett.

    Additionally, I am concerned about having to have a primary fight when we need to focus all our monies and attention onto defeating Garrett.

  2. carolh…  Here is my diary about how he first entered the scene.  He was no friend of the Real Bergen Democrats.  

  3. carolh

    of Gussen’s political career in Teaneck and who his friends have been along the way…    


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