Assemblywoman-elect Mosquera ineligible to serve: District Judge…

Assemblywoman-elect Gabriela Mosquera (District 4) has apparently been disqualified from serving due to residency issues by the District Judge overseeing the case.

Apparently this was a ruling based on a challenge filed by Republican Shelly Lovett, who lost to Mosquera in November 2011.

The seat is now “vacant”, according to the blurb, but is that accurate? Does Lovett get the seat as the runner-up?

I imagine this decision will be appealed.

More updates as I find them.  

Update from Star Ledger:…

The Democrats will get to appoint a placeholder until a Special Election in November 2012. Reporter Matt Friedman speculates that Mosquera will simply be appointed and then run in November.

The District Judge was George Leone. Apparently he rejected Lovett’s request that she be appointed to the seat as the runner-up.  

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