Weekend Haiku: Congressional Redistricting Edition

It’s been a big week, and the fallout from New Jersey’s congressional redistricting, which Democrats lost when tie-breaker John Farmer picked the GOP map, is still, well, falling out.

Rothman picks Turf War with Pascrell over Holy War with Garrett. Unhappy Democrats swiping at each other. Reports of DCCC gazillions offered to Rothman for one really, really expensive sword to fall on. Heldrich Hotel, Homebase Hotspot. Mike DuHaime runs Team Dark Side. Jun Choi out, Ed Potosnak in for 7th District race with Leonard Lance. And Runyan constituents feeling like chopped liver, waiting for the political press to turn its attention to them. This is Haiku: Congressional Redistricting Edition.

You know the rules. 5 syllables, 7, 5 again. Write your haiku on the suggestion of the poet before you; leave a suggestion for the next bloke. I’ll start:

Take the 5th

Tea Party fan mail

Piled on the desk, spilling over

Scott Garrett, breathes deep

Next topic: Rothman v. Pascrell

Comments (5)

  1. Nick Lento

    To Capitol Hill…  

    Together, Went Steve and Bill  

    Only one can stay!


    Connie Wagner

  2. Bertin Lefkovic

    Retire Garrett

    Please Retire Garrett NOW!

    Retire Garrett

    Next topic: Draft Bill Pascrell, Jr. for Congress in CD11


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