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This past November, with your support, I was re-elected to the State Assembly to represent Bergen and Passaic Counties.  I am honored to have earned your trust and respect over the past 4 years as your Assemblywoman.  I’ve never considered myself a politician, but always a public servant.  I have been elected to serve the people of New Jersey, something many elected officials forget, which is truly the most important part of our job.

Our state and country face many challenges and it will take the efforts of Democrats, Republicans and everyone in between to improve the quality of life for all Americans.

Public education has been the backbone of America and at every turn there are those seeking to dismantle it.  Higher education is becoming out of reach for many of our high school graduates due to escalating tuition.  Our environment and our health are being put at risk at a time when we should be embracing new technology to reduce our dependence on foreign sources of energy.  Government inefficiencies and outdated ways of doing things continue to keep the costs of running government too high.  Unemployment and underemployment are rampant, jobs continue to be shipped overseas and the middle class in America is struggling to survive.

These are among the major issues dear to my heart, issues that I have fought, and will continue to fight, to address.  In what capacity I can best tackle these challenges is a question I am now confronted with.

Over the past few days your calls and emails of support and confidence regarding a possible Congressional candidacy have been truly overwhelming. Your kind words and encouragement to run have been inspiring.

However, as you can imagine, the decision to run for Congress is not an easy one to make.

During the next few weeks I will be consulting with my family and friends to decide the best path for us and how I can best serve my constituents.  As I ponder this decision, I am still, first and foremost, your Assemblywoman and my office, staff and I are here to help you in any way that we can.  

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  1. Adam L

    And one who has been “all over Garrett”, I understand the tremendous sacrifice that running would be.  But knowing this District as well as I do, you are by far the best chance to Retire Garrett.

    I say this for many reasons and you have a ton of support from me, other very motivated activists here in the fifth, and would be thrilled to help you in any, every way I can if you jump in.

    And I know that I am far from alone.

    Happy new year!

  2. MSUTeenDem

    Run Assemblyowman

    Since volunteering for your campaign back in November you have already become one of my favorite members of the Assembly for your unapologetic progressivism and your ability to govern. You without a doubt would make a marvelous replacement for nut job Garrett.  

  3. Senator Loretta Weinberg

    I say “Go for It” Connie. Women’s groups, fundraisers, grass root volunteers are lining up to help you. I know it will be hard work, but you’re more than ready for this job. We need you.

  4. 12mileseastofTrenton

    You’re our best bet in NJ-5.  And New Jersey hasn’t had a Democratic congresswoman since Helen Meyner in the 70s.

  5. Bill Orr

    For too long Representative Garrett has represented his own hard line conservative principles rather than those that are in the best interest of his constituents. In a time of financial hardship the district needs someone with a broader view more beneficial to the residents. You are my choice to bring change to the 5th District and as a former member of the 9th I would be proud to support you.

    In 2010 and 2011 Garrett voted against disaster relief, summer jobs funding, extension of federal unemployment benefits, flood insurance programs, rebates to families for energy-efficient home renovations, child nutrition programs, and more. By having gone overboard in his rejection of these benefits, he has opened the door for you to make a strong case that you can better represent the needs of the constituents. While many in the 5th will continue to hold conservative views, the infusion of new more moderate and liberal residents will gradually permit a modified stance on abortion, marriage equality, offshore drilling, and immigration.

    Because Garrett has not had to face a serious challenge in the past nine years, he has been able to carry out his own personal agenda.  You would have strong supporters on the ground and opportunities to tap into local, state, federal, and PAC funds. Most importantly constituents would realize that you were genuinely concerned with their welfare.

  6. brilliantatbreakfast

    I’m not familiar with your record, but I am ready, willing, and able to support a good progressive candidate who is able to articulate why it is PROGRESSIVE values that are in the interest of NJ-5 voters, not all of whom are in the 1%.  Our candidates over the last decade have been hobbled by weak messaging as well as weak fundraising.

    That you’re the choice of Adam and Rosi is good enough cred for me.

    I hate to get all Margaret Thatcher here, but if you are at all wobbly about this, then don’t do it.  Scott Garrett is as dirty a pol as you’re going to find, and a successful run against him is going to require cojones of steel as well as cash.  We HAVE to be in this to win it this time; this is our best chance to expose Scott Garrett for what he is.  The support is out here, just look into yourself and make sure you have the stomach for it.  Obviously I hope you do.

  7. carolh

    Assemblywoman Wagner, if you choose to run. It isn’t an easy fight, but you now have a lot more folks on your side than we had in the past.  Please consider it.

  8. sandy23

    members of Blue Jersey who do.  

    Scott Garrett must be challenged.  As far as I am concerned he is an embarassment to NJ.  I can’t believe his ultra conservative views represent his constituents, (more like Texas or Nebraska).

    I will contribute financially to your campaign, (as much as I can) and speak with any friends in your district.

    Of course the choice is up to you and your family, but we need you.

  9. ajbruno14

    After a very nice opening, Ms. Wagner states about education, “at every turn there are those seeking to destroy it”.  This is NOT the way to bridge differences, especially for someone who opens with she is a .public servant’

    If Wagner dispels with such divisive rhetoric she will find more people interested in working with her.

  10. Bertin Lefkovic

    Help us Asw. Connie Wagner.  You’re our only hope.

  11. deciminyan

    We need a Connie Wagner here in NJ-3 to stand up to Jon Runyan.  


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