Stop Chris Christie From Gutting Environmental Protections

(We all saw what happened to the economy when the Republicans eliminated financial protection regulations. Now, we can’t let Governor Christie and his Koch Brother cronies do the same to the environment by gutting environmental regulations. – promoted by deciminyan)

As you know, earlier this year Governor Christie set out to change the rules and allow corporations to end-run long-standing environmental laws. Essentially, this would weaken over 100 necessary protection guidelines. The Christie’s Administration’s radical, regressive push would put not only New Jersey’s land, air and water in harm’s way, but the health of our families, as well.

This DEP waiver rule is a reckless policy proposal that we must battle back against. In fact, the Star Ledger calls it “the most dangerous, overreaching and potentially corrupting document in Trenton. It is the nuke that would give the Christie administration near-unlimited power to set aside decades of hard-won environmental protections for … any reason it wants.”

That’s why I circulated a petition to stop Governor Christie and corporate lobbyists from allowing big polluters free reign to gut essential protections of our land, air and water. You can sign this petition on my website here.

Here’s where things stand right now. Two weeks ago, the DEP waiver resolution passed the Assembly Regulatory Oversight and Gaming Committee. It now awaits posting for a full vote in both houses. We do not have the luxury of time. The end of the legislative session is quickly approaching. In fact, there is only one voting session left in Trenton – Monday, January 9th.

New Jersey residents are known for their common sense. I think we can all agree that allowing companies – who put profits ahead of public service and the health of our communities – the power to remove necessary safety mechanisms is not only senseless, but potentially hazardous.  Again, to quote the Star Ledger’s spot-on editorial: “Environmental laws protect more than plants and animals. They defend our air, food and water – the foundations of health – from abuse; they are hurdles by design. The ability to simply overturn rules we deem inconvenient invalidates them all.”

Fight back by signing our petition. Also, please urge legislative leaders to stand strong against Governor Christie’s attempt to rollback decades of environmental regulations by asking Senate President Steve Sweeney and Assembly Speaker Sheila Oliver to post the DEP Waiver Resolution (SCR239/ACR206) on January 9th.

You can reach them here:

Senate President Steve Sweeney

(856) 251-9801

Assembly Speaker Sheila Oliver

(973) 395-1166

Now is the time to stand up for New Jersey’s environment. Not to mention our families. Over the next few days and weeks, I hope you’ll join me in urging legislative leaders to stand strong against Governor Christie’s attempt to curry favor with corporate lobbyists at the expense of New Jersey’s families and our environment.

Together we can make sure that our future is healthy, safe and secure. We simply cannot allow corporate polluters to circumvent the law. We can’t allow the Christie Administration to gut protection rules and squeeze out small businesses, local communities and citizens from the process. Governor Christie’s DEP waiver rule would concentrate far too much power in the hands of those who don’t have the health and the well-being of New Jersey’s land, air and water anywhere near the top of the agenda.

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