Senator Fred Madden: the WORST Democrat in Trenton

Does the name Fred Madden ring a bell? Probably not. He’s a backbencher politician who represents the part of New Jersey that hardly anyone lives is. And judging from his voting record he’s a right wing tool.

For example:

  • He voted against gay marriage equality.
  • He voted to keep the death penalty on the books.
  • He’s a member of the NRA-sponsored “”Hunter Caucus.”
  • And yesterday he voted against the bill to curb HIV rates (and charity care costs) by giving IV drug users over-the-counter access to clean syringes.

    Fred Madden was elected in 2004 to the NJ State Senate as a Democrat by spending a record 4.2 million dollars on his campaign. Now we all know you don’t get $4.2m in your warchest without being someone’s handmaiden.

    It’s just a pity that Senator Madden’s special someone is not a Democrat.


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    1. Hetty Rosenstein

      And – he joined the Republicans in voting to eliminate the right for 500,000 workers to collectively bargain healthcare.

    2. Jay Lassiter (Post author)

      and Majority Leader Weinberg can whip Madden into shape for the new session. It’s a good test of their leadership to keep the caucus in line on core party principles. Besides, we all love a redemption story and I’ll be here to tell it if/when it happens to Madden.  

    3. 12mileseastofTrenton

      See Stack, Brian, for one.

    4. jeffpickens

      Four principal municipalities in LD4:

      Washington Twp, pop. 49K

      Gloucester Twp, pop. 65K

      Monroe Twp, pop. 32K

      Winslow Twp, pop. 40K

      plus a handful of smaller towns which bring the population of LD4 to approximately 200K, which may not seem like much to you, but it matters to the people whio live here.

      Please do your homework before you make a dismissive statement like that.

    5. TomSW

      It’s time for progressive leadership in South Jersey. DINO’s do not represent progressives

    6. deciminyan

      Progressives cannot be elected in conservative districts such as LD-4 the way things stand today. While I’m no fan of Madden, he’s better than his recent opponent, Tea Party acolyte Giancarlo D’Orazio. If I lived in LD-4, I would have held my nose and voted for Madden. And lest you think I’m a die-hard party-line voter, I would have seriously considered voting for the Republican assembly candidates, Shelley Lovett and Pat Fratticcoli. They’re not much different than the Democratic victors, and having moderate Republicans in Trenton is a good thing.

      As displeased as we are with Madden, no amount of rhetoric is going to replace him with a progressive. Instead, we need to do two things simultaneously, neither of which will be accomplished overnight.

      First, we need to nurture progressive Democrats who live in LD-4, like Jeff Pickens. They need our support and assistance if they are to run for public office. Second, and even more important in the short term, is we need to turn the electorate around. Since a progressive cannot be elected in a conservative district, we need to educate the voters and turn the conservative district into a progressive one. This can be accomplished in several ways. Write letters to the editor and op-eds for your local papers. Meet with your conservadem legislators and nudge them bit-by-bit to the left. Get as much publicity for progressive causes as the Tea Party gets for their radical extreme agenda. Jay does his part – the rest of us should do the same.

      The conservatives have spent 40 years promoting and nurturing their destructive agenda. Change will not come overnight. But if we just sit back and bitch and moan, change will never come.

    7. southernbluedog

      I understand you are upset with the Senator’s voting record. It’s definitely not a progressive record.  But it sounds like you had high expectations of the man and he failed you. It sounds like you made a personal investment (time, money) in the man and he left you out to dry.

      While it’s not wrong to hope a Democrat can follow the party principles, it was wrong to ever think this man was a progressive before he was elected.

      Exhibit A is his time in the NJ State Police. With the amount of time he’s spent in law enforcement, there’s no way you can expect him to want to vote to abolish the death penalty or to allow drug users to have more needles. You get a tunnel vision of sorts and you become desensitized to the world. And as a former administrator, that showed me that he knew the hardships of government budgeting and the need to have “reform.”


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