Rothman to challenge Pascrell: Star-Ledger report…

U.S. Rep. Steve Rothman (D-9th Dist.) is telling Democrats he plans to challenge Bill Pascrell (D-8th Dist.) in the June primary, according to two Democratic sources with knowledge of the congressman’s thinking.

A few anonymous sources are quoted for the article. An announcement from Rothman is apparently due this week.

Needless to say, I am sorry to have found this out, and I hope a strong Democrat will come forward to take on Garrett. It’s obviously going to be someone without a $1.5 million war chest, but we need to support them all the same.  

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  1. Stephen Yellin (Post author)

    Am swamped right now with pre-end of quarter work, but wanted to post the story here.  

    Will be back tomorrow to moan and groan will all of you. 🙁

  2. ken bank

    This sucks. Pascrell and Rothman will throw mud at each other (what else is there?) while Garrett gets a free ride. If Rothman, as an incumbent with a $1.5 million war chest, is more afraid of Garrett than he is of Pascrell, why should any credible candidate take him on. Maybe Rothman would have lost to Garrett, maybe not, but at the very least Garrett would know he’d been in a fight. Instead, Garrett will increase his own war chest which he’ll use to help other teabaggers, while Rothman and Pascrell will suck up money from Democrats that could have been better used elsewhere against Republicans.


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