News Roundup & Open Thread for Wednesday, Dec. 7, 2011

Bless the Kepler telescope, bless science funding and bless astronomy geeks: Word of the Day is PLANET.

This is some new level of awful

  • With massive Camden police layoff ameliorated by some rehires, but violent crime spiking, City Council has a resolution calling on Mayor Dana Redd to declare state of emergency, to ask Christie to command National Guard and State Police to protect the city. Guv’s office responded by bashing the police union.

    Christie and the Dems providing his cover

  • Guv revived his “Town Hall” meetings yesterday, singing the same tune of Dems not following his lead on civil service and property taxes. But this time he had his back-up chorus; Dem mayors Felix Roque of West New York; Brian Stack of Union City (and the NJ Senate) & Dawn Zimmer of Hoboken.

    70th Anniversary of the ‘day of infamy’

  • 120 survivors will observe a moment of silence at Pearl Harbor at 7:55am Hawaii time, the moment that drew us violently into WWII.
  • Mother Jones Photo of the Day, Dec. 7, 2011: We’re Still at War

    ACLU-NJ & Newark Police – a constructive relationship

  • The arrival of police director Samuel DeMaio in May signaled a change in responsiveness in handling some of the PD’s longstanding problems


  • Nearly 200 people – a broad coalition of young and older, experienced and fresh – march in Newark against economic inequality.
  • NJ is ordered to return Occupy Trenton’s belongings. But a generator at their West State Street occupation is still off-limits. They return to court Dec. 19.
  • Occupy is Dead! Long Live the Movement! – what’s next?

    The Governor of Somewhere Else

  • And Christie is outta here again today for GOP politics, to D.C. for a GOP funder, then to Iowa to try and perk up Mitt Romney’s campaign. Last week, the Guv spent 3 days outta here.

    Jobs & Taxes

  • Republicans say the state can’t afford to create jobs. What what?

    Republicans should try Community FoodBank food stamp challenge

  • GOP’s targeted the food stamp program for deep cuts, even in this troubled economy. The Community FoodBank of New Jersey has issued a challenge: try to feed yourself on $31.50, that’s the average weekly allotment recipients get.


  • Some very good arguments against Opportunity Scholarship Act from Latino Action Network.

    Natural gas & nuclear get bigger role in energy master plan

  • Solar, wind and other renewables will be de-emphasized.

    Want a marriage license in Edison?

  • You can’t get one right now.

    Goodbye, New Jersey, hello Pennsylvania

  • Inky tracks a family that stayed in Haddonfield in a big house while their kids were in NJ’s first-class school system, then took off for city life in Philly.

    Bergen Democrats do more with less

  • This year the Dems spent less, but swept 4 countywide seats.

    Blue Jersey Focus: Valerie Vainieri-Huttle

  • Part 1.

  • Part 2.

    Christie’s cheaper health plan fails to hook public workers

  • Is anybody surprised?


  • Is your local post office closing?
  • How much state pension will a convicted mayor get?
  • Can South Jersey have too many ports?

    Gorka to leave NJ-GOP

  • Jersey GOP communications director headed to Mitt Romney’s flavorless campaign.

    In NJ: the only original existing colonial governor’s residence in the 13 colonies

  • It’s in Perth Amboy, still standing, and Asm Wisniewski wants to use state funds to restore it. Ben Franklin’s turncoat son, William, was the King’s Governor of NJ, one of the great ironies in American history.
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    1. 12mileseastofTrenton

      But Brian Stack has to be the worst.

    2. 12mileseastofTrenton

      A spokesman for the mayor could not be reached for comment.

      This is far from the first time the mayor has refused to offer a comment.  Usually because she’s trying her hardest to ingratiate herself with her bestest buddy Chris Christie.

    3. mgm8822

      But a spokesman for Christie offered no immediate relief, focusing instead on conflicts with the city’s police unions.

      “To her credit, Mayor Redd has managed law enforcement staffing well and, in fact, rehired many laid-off police officers,” said Michael Drewniak, the governor’s press secretary. “Unfortunately, it is hard not to note that the police union refused during extensive negotiations to accept any meaningful concessions which could have mitigated layoffs in the first place.

      Camden is collapsing in on itself, and Drewniak thinks it is a good time to trot out his anti-union bias?

      Would he be so cavalier if roving arms of thugs with assault weapons were ransacking the mansions of Mendham?

    4. ken bank

      I read that article and it’s pure BS/Christie propaganda. First, if that couple is paying $5000 property tax it’s because either they got the house really cheap or they benefited from a tax abatement. The article doesn’t mention the market and/or assessed value of the property. Also the article doesn’t mention Philadelphia’s high wage tax, the high gas tax, and many other taxes I used to pay when I lived in Pennsylvania. When I lived in Montgomery County we had a local income tax and even a personal wealth tax. Every year I had to list my investment assets other than real estate and pay a tax on the estimated value. And property taxes are no bargain either. My mother lives in Montgomery County where she pays $10,000 a year for her condo which has a market value of $200,000. My home in Ocean County is worth about $300,000 and I pay $8000. Who has the better deal.

      The real reason many people move to PA is land development and lower building costs. NJ is the most densely populated state in the country so it stands to reason development costs will be much higher. I know from personal experience. The company I worked for developed homes in Bucks County, and most of our buyers were from New Jersey because our building and land development costs were so much cheaper. And that was thirty years ago when Tom Kean was Governor.


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