News Roundup & Open Thread for Wednesday, Dec, 14, 2011

Rest in Peace, Spc. Ronald H. Wildrick Jr.

  • Blairstown is mourning Wildrick, 30, the father of two girls. He died Sunday after his unit was attacked with an IED in the Kunar province of Afghanistan.

    N.J. Dems: Recent Christie moves are acts of spite against Sen. Richard Codey

  • In the standoff between Essex Dem legislators blocking nominations, including Chris Cerf’s, and Christie, Christie has bigger weapons at his disposal, at least now.

    Yank political cartoonist Thomas Nast’s nomination from NJ Hall of Fame?

  • That’s what Assemblyman Wayne DeAngelo wants to do.

    Corzine: ‘I do not know whether all of these transactions were properly recorded and effectuated’

  • Corzine was back testifying before Congress again on $1.2 B in customer funds missing in the MF Global collapse, this time before former colleagues in the Senate.
  • Former Gov. Jon Corzine tried for nearly 3 hoursTuesday to convince disbelieving senators that he had no idea how as much as $1.2 billion in client funds went missing.

    City Council lifts ban on Occupy Newark overnight encampments

  • But discomfort between Council and some of Newark’s activists continues.

  • At Occupy Trenton, Tent City is gone, Edward Anthony Salter is still there, and the group is still a handful.

    The same pro-OSA Op-Ed by Troy Singleton turns up in papers across the state

  • Really? Same post that was in politickernj is now at and word-for-word. It was that good?

    Hey, Mitt: Stop complaining and start campaigning

  • Paul Mulshine finds a  quote in a book about Romney’s father that could easily be about the son.

    We’ve found the war on Christmas

  • It’s in Pitman. Of course that’s not how the Freedom From Religion folks see things …

    Camden residents challenge council and each other over crime

  • Through the weekend 50 people have been killed through violence in the city.

    Sierra Club gets creative with a fake Christie

  • The Sierra Club staged a boat crossing on the Delaware River featuring the imposter Christie, clutching bunches of silver mercury balloons, to talk mercury pollution drifting into NJ It took place at the site of an annual re-enactment of George Washington crossing the Delaware during the Revolutionary War.

    New Jersey Developer Says It’s Giving Up on Offshore Wind

  • The fate of New Jersey’s offshore wind projects took an unexpected turn this week, with the announcement by one of a handful of companies bidding to develop a wind farm off the coast that it’s pulling out.

    Hexavalent chromium deep under Garfield

  • An underground plume of cancer-causing chromium has spread beyond the boundaries of a Superfund-designated Garfield neighborhood, but U.S. EPA officials say it is too deep to be an immediate threat to residents. So … relax?

    Video of Christie & Romney together in NJ

  • Fun times.

    Isherwood: Joe Scarborough’s Liberal Bent

  • Sloppy stuff at politickernj.
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    1. Nick Lento

      The idea that a fringe group of hard right religious fundamentalistic fanatics can dictate how we live is totally un-American. To allow any religious group of any sect to determine what is shown on TV is a direct threat to our democracy and our way of life in America….and that applies to the Taliban as well as any “Christian” sect.

      Lowes should beg the producers of this show for forgiveness and should fund its return to the air.

      If it takes putting Lowes out of business to get the message to corporate American that we do NOT wish to be a Talibanistic country where religious fanatics rule…then so be it!


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