News Roundup & Open Thread for Monday, Dec. 5, 2011

Tom Moran’s Terrible Take on Tenure

Moran tried to make Perth Amboy Superintendent Janine Caffrey into a folk hero. But a big chunk of her problem is she’s not doing part of her job well.

Christie’s Man in Education: Chris Cerf

  • From Brawls to Charter Challenges, They All Cross the Commissioner’s Desk.

  • Too bad he’s an education-for-profit guy. A little history, from the Jazzman.

    More Education

  • A report from the Data Quality Campaign says NJ has gotten better, but is still far behind in its use of student data to improve teaching, applying only 4 of the 10 actions to use the student data well.

    Where’s Chris Myers?

  • Medford’s mayor, caught in an (alleged) scandal (with pictures) has stopped coming to town meetings, or answering emails.

    Assorted Christie

  • Did you really think the Obama White House was going to let Christie calling him a “bystander” was not going to be answered?

    Are New Jersey’s alimony laws outdated?

  • A man who heads New Jersey Alimony Reform says yes. He also says lifetime alimony is impractical and that his group is gender-neutral. (census: 97% of those receiving alimony are women).

    Red tape, suspicion delayed medical help for leukemia-stricken Elizabeth child

  • The doctor of a 5-year-old girl whose sister in El Salvador can now come and give her a bone marrow transplant that may save her life, is not happy with the 3-months she had to wait. (Bob Braun)

    Southern Burlington County NAACP

  • Sen. Ronald Rice was the featured speaker at a fundraising event for the chapter, now revitalizing after years of dormancy.


  • NJ bond debt rises 3.1%.
  • State paid $355K on outside lawyers fighting disability lawsuits.
  • Authorities say some NJ counties may soon be eligible for millions of dollars in federal money to help deal with costs related to Snowtober, despite a “clerical error” on initial damage reports that county officials blamed on the state.


  • Two bills under consideration in Trenton would use tax incentives to bring failed hospitals back to life and help smaller facilities expand.
  • Lobbyist for NJ’s chemical industry says a NJ fracking ban is unconstitutional.
  • Vote is scheduled in the Assembly on a bill to allow NJ pharmacies to sell needles & syringes without prescription, pitched to give intravenous drug users access to clean needles.’

    Our too-white State Police

  • To increase black presence in N.J. State Police, recruiters turn to churches.

    Bear hunt: scheduled to start today

  • Animal-rights activists will ask a NJ judge to let them demonstrate at a hunter check station.

    Former Trenton city council president Paul Pintella charged with assault in domestic violence case

  • Pintella ran for mayor last year.
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