Isherwood: Joe Scarborough’s Liberal Bent

The media infuriates me in it’s willingness to transcribe not only Chris Christie’s words, but also his entire world-view.  And to treat that world view as if it were fact.  Here’s PolitickerNJ’s Darryl R. Isherwood in a Backroom post:

Look for Gov. Chris Christie to make an early morning stop on “MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” some day soon after the pugnacious governor took host Joe Scarborough to task in a tweet criticizing the show’s liberal bent.

That’s right, former Republican Congressman Joe Scharborough’s MSNBC show has a “liberal bent.”  Presented as absolute, unavailable TRUTH by the reporter’s own words, not Christie’s.

Here’s how Politico, who “broke” the story, introduced it.

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s ribbed “Morning Joe” host Joe Scarborough Monday with a text message suggesting the show has a definite liberal bias.

See, on Politico Chris Christie suggested Scarborough had a liberal bias.  But Isherwood states it as a fact, further supporting the falsehood that MSNBC is liberal all the time.  

BTW, Isherwood didn’t even have the common courtesy to link to the Politico story even though he referenced it.  He’s not only being sloppy, but also has no clue about how to write for the Internet.

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