Groundhog Gerry On Current Legislation

The lowly groundhog has been relegated to having expertise only on the coming of warm weather. His predictive skills, however, have been grossly underestimated. Groundhog Gerry goes where others fear to tread. His reactions on the following New Jersey legislation:  

  • Provides tax credits to entities contributing to scholarships for low-income children, euphemistically known as the Opportunity Scholarship Act. Groundhog Gerry has been laying low and shown little expectation for the soon arrival of Christie’s vaunted education bills.  However he has shown some stirring on this vouchers act. It has been approved in committees with several Democrats supporting it in the Senate (Lesniak, Vitale, Beach, and Ruiz) and in the Assembly (Coutinho, Lampitt and Fuentes.) S1872/A2810

  • Appropriates $139 million for Aid to Localities.  The governor five months ago vetoed this much needed aid to our hardest hit (but Democratic) urban cities, stating it should include administrative and monitoring expenses. With $1.5 million added for such expenses, Gerry is definitely stirring. The Assembly overwhelmingly passed the bill and a Senate committee will review it today at 1:00 PM. The groundhog hopes it will be placed on a fast track. S3118/A4373

  • Permits pharmacies to sell needles/syringes without a prescription. It will decrease the transmission of HIV, Hep C and other blood-borne illnesses. Although the governor has not said whether he will sign the bill, Gerry is positively excited as the bill passed both the Senate and Assembly with votes, which if they remain the same, are veto-proof. (S958)/A1088

  • Decriminalizes possession of 15 grams or less of marijuana. The bill would still fine such individuals, but Gerry feels that too much government money is spent on combatting pot, too many people needlessly being incarcerated and that pot would strengthen his own predictive abilities.  He knows that 21 Assemblypersons (Republicans and Democrats) led by Reed Gusciora (D-15) sponsor the bill, but he is not holding his breath. A4252

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    1. Rosi Efthim

      Groundhog FTW.

    2. Jay Lassiter

      …on marijuana decriminalization?  


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