Gas hovers at $3/gallon. Is it time for a new gas tax? We’re nuts!

OMG, a candidate for elected office would never say such a thing (raise the gas tax) would they?  Stein just did; and there goes any chance at ever winning a damn election, darn it.   4 yrs at this for Pete’s sake, count them.  Congress 08 and 2010; Governor 2009 and let’s not forget, State Assembly 2011.  Coming soon, (Gary) Stein for President 2012 Limited (only 800 NJ signatures needed) and Stein for Congress 2012 too.  We’ll test New Jersey’s “Sore Loser” statute next yr.  How appropriately named is that?  That’s me, a “sore loser” to Frank LoBiondo in 2010, ha ha ha.  Filed an ethics complaint in Washington against the guy last yr…….went no-where.  Did I expect different?

But I digress… what about $3/gallon gasoline!

(Ford said its truck and SUV sales rose nearly 26% to 118,543 last month while passenger car sales dropped nearly 9% from a year ago, to 48,322. Its overall sales rose 13% to 166,441 vehicles. WSJ, 12/02/2011

Chrysler, whose brands including Jeep and Dodge have benefited most of the year from demand for its SUVs and pickups, said its car sales more than doubled to 28,694 from a year ago. Its cars have newly restyled interiors. Sales of its trucks and SUVs rose 29% to 78,478.  WSJ

Results at General Motors Co., the largest U.S. auto maker, illustrate the strong lift from sport-utility vehicles and pickup trucks. Its SUV and truck sales climbed 10% while passenger cars rose 1%, both from a year ago.  WSJ)

WTF, SUV sales skyrocketing! Folks, is this the Ron Paul free market approach at work?  We lull ourselves, back to doing things the old way, while the free market- a global phenomenon last time I looked- positions China, and the rest, to administer the final dagger to America come the next oil shock.  What’s more, this madness by consumers will surely do in the Big 3 auto makers down the road, if they have to now shift demand back to big SUVS and trucks.

Any suggestions, Mr. Stein, Mr. Sure-Mr. Sore Loser?  Yes.  I’d support raising the federal gas tax at least .50 cents per gallon, WITH THIS CAVEAT!  Find some method of tracking each motorists purchases and then REBATING the additional gas tax back in one lump sum.  I immediately thought … (this morning, over coffee at breakfast) … of the Feds. returning the $$$ back to consumers, in and around Christmas time each year, but that would be no good.  It might be used/construed as a sort of Christmas Club by consumers, and that might actually increase gas consumption!

No, better to return the extra gasoline tax after New Years, but before April 15th.  You get the idea.

How would the Federal Gov’t collect this tax that would only be rebated back to the “consumer?”  That’s easy.  If we’d only followed my idea in 2010 to create a Federal Debit Card in order to phase out cash, it would be as easy as the Airlines tracking your frequent flier miles.  Maybe a bad analogy?  There’d be no funny business by the Federal Gov’t if this– oh so way out there –idea get’s implemented.  That would be written into law and enforced.  Penalties for privacy abuses by the federal government would not be tolerated, if “we the people” consented to putting up with this new government debit card I’m proposing. Absolutely not!  Hell, we could track terrorists on our soil, perverts etc.  We could solve the illegal immigration mess this way.  What will they do once cash is gone?  Simple; make them all legal and close the blasted border once and for all. (note by diarist: please see apology at end of diary, excusing in advance, the terrible out of order, complicated scheme I’m proposing)

The versatility of this Government Debit Card would be amazing.  Since cash would go the way of trading trinkets and animal pelts, Uncle Sam would have an exciting new tool for capturing and taxing the underground economy.  Once that massive new revenue stream comes on line in order to be taxed, we could eliminate income taxes for all but the wealthy (an old position of mine that’s as current as today’s weather), cut the corporate tax rate to zero (another old position, since adopted by Rick Santorum) and begin collecting a national sales tax (Herman Cain jumped on that bandwagon, my old position).  What’s more, we’d be creating a new high tech industry just inventing and servicing this proposed, Federal Debit Card.  A job creator of an idea, or am I just blowing smoke….  Seems that way anymore, I’m so tired of spinning my wheels.

All this…….ALL THIS…… could pave the way for affordable (i.e., the massive new tax receipts) Single Payer Health Care, everyone then having skin in the game (national sales tax of about 4%)…. and I digress, again and again.

Frank LoBiondo, where are you?  That blow hard of a relic who is against off-shore drilling and who didn’t support the auto bailout.  What’s Mr. Have It Both Ways, have to say about cheap fuel, and this move by consumers back to gas guzzling vehicles?  Better still, what’s he have to say about the inevitable next oil shock?  And what about taxing gas 50 cents a gallon now, as insurance we stick to buying fuel efficient vehicles?  The guy wins with at least 65% of the vote every two years.  Won’t somebody please ask him to go “on the record.”

Sincerely, Gary Stein, candidate for Congress, 2012, New Jersey’s 2nd Congressional District. Please forgive grammar mistakes, organization of ideas, etc.  We are short staffed over the holidays for various reasons.  Thank you.

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  1. gary stein (Post author)

    diary published by mistake.  blue jersey needs a better process.  i was still editing. oh, well.  what to do, Rosi?

  2. William Weber (WjcW)

    the problem isn’t lack of the gas tax. The problem is the government incentizes the production of SUV’s becuase our automakers are better at turning a profit with those vehicles than the traditionally smaller, more efficent vehicles from foriegn automakers. (there has been, traditionally, less competition in the SUV market)

    The government does this by the ‘light truck loophole’ with allows artificially low MPG’s for SUV type vehicles.


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