Christie gets mic-checked in Iowa

So, Christie got mic-checked last night stumping for Romney in Iowa. The first thing you notice is that it takes Christie, whose public appearances in NJ are tightly orchestrated showcases, a full minute-and-a-half to get his audience back after Occupy takes the focus from the big man with the microphone (standing in for the dull presidential hopeful who wasn’t there).

And that’s after the very large man in the checked shirt jumps past Christie and hovers over the women Occupiers on the stage behind Christie.

This is a guy who made a national name for himself standing with a microphone alone in front of a crowd. You weren’t supposed to know those crowds were carefully chosen for maximum adoration, or that loyal Republicans were given heads-up when the Christie roadshow steamed into town. In NJ, we’re used to seeing people who dare to challenge Christie get slapped down, to cheering crowds. And dare to ask if the Christie team plants favorable questions to him? You get his tough-guy talk, then he shuts your mic off.

So, it’s weird to see Christie lose his room, maybe lose his shit a little bit, and take so long to get it back. When he does, it’s stupid Joisey jokes and hack comedian Please remember to tip your waiters and waitresses lines.  

NBC has video:

15-second ad, video’s worth the wait.

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  1. Bill Orr

    Christie, who in NJ is used to shutting down opponents from the podium, here keeps trying to speak but with with no success.  A mic and a reality check to which he is unaccustomed and which he handles poorly.  

  2. tabbycat31

    Just shows that the service industry is not who his base is.

  3. brendanod

    only a crazy man (who pays more in municipal taxes than most make in a year) would explain to the crowd that the mic check was because they are angry with Obama, but I guess if you are willing to sit through a Christie lecture, you are willing to believe anything  


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