Christie Anti-Veteran Campaign Gains Another Supporter

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It looks like Chris Christie’s campaign to allow towns to say no to veterans looking for decent homes has gained another adherent.

As reported in another Blue Jersey post by Tom Wyka, a councilman in Parsippany, John Cesaro, voted against allowing a two-family home for formerly homeless veterans because he claimed it would be “social engineering.”

We at Fair Share Housing are not exactly sure what part of letting veterans live in a two-family home qualifies as “social engineering.” It seems a bit more accurate to say that trying to stop veterans from living in your town is “social engineering.”

Fortunately, Cesaro was outvoted by members of his own party to allow veterans to live in Parsippany, showing that there are people of both parties that believe that people who served our country deserve a place in our communities.

But perhaps Cesaro was just following the leader. Just two weeks ago, Gov. Christie stopped homes for disabled veterans from being built in Salem County.

We at Fair Share Housing Center are not sure what the moral or political calculation is that makes politicians like Christie and Cesaro think that keeping veterans out of communities is acceptable. It’s wrong – and frankly offensive. And it’s good to see that people like Tom Wyka and Cesaro’s council mates are not going along with it.

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  1. The Wizard

    is anti American. Those who sacrifice for the well being of the nation hold a special place in the eyes of normal people.

    The Governor and his ilk have exhibited disdain for our veterans and should be judged accordingly. The bombastic blowhard needs eight weeks of basic training to understand a little of what veterans do for our country.

    I’m not holding my breath waiting for the Star-Ledger to shine the light of truth on our second hand excuse for an executive.

  2. carolh

    was a major effort by Planning Board Chair and Mayor to kill affordable housing. In Tenafly it was a blatant rascist attempt to prevent new Korean families from moving to town specifically for the schools.  The new ugly talk against 2 family homes – which have been in many NJ towns for decades was a way to get around the affordable housing laws and to prevent new folks (read racism) from moving into town.  If they allow veterans to live in 2 family homes – how can they continue to discriminate against new immigrants who prefer this type of housing?  2 Family homes are a great alternative for veterans – especially if they come home wounded.  It is reassuring to live close to a neighbor or family member you can rely on.  2 Family homes have always been a good alternative for the elderly or young childless folks who don’t need a huge house, or young professionals who live alone and prefer to have someone nearby. Unfortunately for these veterans, 2 Family homes have become a lightning rod for those who wish to kill affordable housing.


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