Chris Christie Show: The Goveymooners

So, someone has gone to the trouble of constructing a pretty good replica of The Honeymooners set, and videoed a little domestic comedy of about 10 minutes: The Goveymooners, starring Chris Christie (not really), Nancy Pelosi as his wife (deeply unsettling for both of them, I’d think), and their upstairs tenement neighbors, Mike Bloomberg and his wife (again, so impossible) NYC Council Speaker Christine Quinn.

The two ladies are tricksters one step ahead of their husbands, and Christie is the odd man out – on marriage equality. and Christie is as always the odd man out on marriage equality. The big guy does a pretty a good Jackie Gleason. Coptergate and Disneygate come up. And then there’s a last minute visit from Jim McGreevey. And karma, er, Carmen.

Somebody went to a lot of trouble to make this. I don’t know who. Enjoy.

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