Blue Jersey Focus – Jeff Tittel – Part 2

Yesterday, we presented Part 1 of a two-part interview with Sierra Club Director Jeff Tittel. He talked about some of the issues and challenges being debated in Trenton, including hydraulic fracturing, the Governor’s abandonment of the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, renewable energy such as solar and wind, and the impact of the Oyster Creek nuclear plant and other factors in the Barnegat Bay.

Today, Tittel talks about messaging, jobs, the Governor’s absconding of environmental funds to balance the budget, state park privatization, a report card on the legislature, and his retrospective on the Sierra Club’s endorsement of a third party candidate in the last gubernatorial election.


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  1. mmgth

    The N. J. Sierra Club’s endorsement of Daggett was as damaging to the Green movement as the Green candidacy of Ralph Nader in 2000. Tittel should aknowledge that. The siginficance of Christie’s opting out of RGGI is not being addressed.


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