Blue Jersey Focus – Jeff Tittel – Part 1

When the history books (or e-books) are written about the twentieth century, one of its legacies will be the impact that we inflicted on the air, water, and forests around the world. And when the history of the first decades of the twenty-first century is documented, it will either describe mankind’s universal effort to stem the damage, or the irreversible downward slope that we embarked on that will fundamentally change life as we know it.

Protection of the environment has always been challenged – by “progress”, by perceived job creation, and by luddites who refuse to believe established scientific facts.

New Jersey has within it a microcosm of these debates. Businesses that have investments in dirty technology downplay the environmental effects to maximize short term profits. Politicians who benefit from the contributions of these businesses contend that any regulation automatically means loss of jobs.

The New Jersey Chapter of the Sierra Club has been a voice in Trenton for protection of the environment. I spoke with their Director, Jeff Tittel, earlier today.

In the first part of the interview (below the fold), Tittel talks about some of the issues and challenges being debated in Trenton, including hydraulic fracturing, the Governor’s abandonment of the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, renewable energy such as solar and wind, and the impact of the Oyster Creek nuclear plant and other factors in the Barnegat Bay.

Tomorrow, part two of the interview will be posted, where Tittel talks about messaging, jobs, the Governor’s absconding of environmental funds to balance the budget, state park privatization, a report card on the legislature, and his retrospective on the Sierra Club’s endorsement of a third party candidate in the last gubernatorial election.

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  1. huntsu

    Jon Corzine is no longer the worst environmental governor in New Jersey history, is he?

  2. Rosi Efthim

    It’s still hard to get past that. Can’t wait to hear what he says about all that, in Part II.

  3. brendanod

    he says.  Still hard to believe a guy with such an adverse view of the Christie administration would willingly sit on his hands and let a right wing ideologue capture the governor’s office.  Ultimately I am sure Jeff’s 20,000 NJ members voted for Corzine, but his non endorsement of Corzine only put more wind behind Christie’s sails, much like the Christiecrats who do Christie’s bidding, thus allowing Christie to say he is some type of bipartisan warrior.  

  4. Cautious Man

    … I will only add, “Boo Frickin’ Hoo, Mr. Tittel”.

    That’s basically what I tell the national Sierra Club callers when they ask why we didn’t renew our memberships.  As long as we’re living with Christie running things, and Mr. Tittel in charge in NJ, that’s how it’s going to be.


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