Asking Everyone to Pay Their Fair Share is *Not* a Partisan Issue

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Efforts to ensure that everyone pays their fair share of taxes to keep our communities strong are often spun as “Democratic” or “liberal” ideas. But the truth is, fair taxation is not a partisan issue. Here in New Jersey, strong majorities that include an increasing number of independents and Republicans want big corporations and the wealthiest individuals to pay their fair share.

The latest to speak out? Former state Sen. Bill Schluter.  

In a Friday op-ed in the Times of Trenton, the South Jersey Republican tackles the “inordinate and inexorable increase in inequality” in American and New Jersey.

While noting that wasteful or excessive government spending needs to be kept under control, Schluter also rightly says that the tax code “favors the super rich” and rejects cuts-only plans in favor of a balanced approach that includes “a revenue component, whether it be eliminating tax loopholes or raising rates on the highest incomes, or both.”

He concludes:

There must be shared sacrifice (a.k.a. belt-tightening) by everyone. Fairness in taxation does not have to mean bigger government or more spending on social/entitlement programs. Fairness demands proper allocation of resources.

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