Tomorrow Really Is Election Day

For those of us “in the trenches”, we look forward to the day, and welcome its closure for another year.

Guess we’ll all remember the power losses from the puny early snow fall which didn’t even get the dignity of a name like hurricanes do. However, it caused us much discomfort, and I’m so sorry to say even some deaths. In Teaneck we lost one elderly couple to a faulty kerosene lamp and subsequent fire. How sad and very preventable. We need a complete review by the BPU of the utilities’ responses in both this latest storm and the prior, “Irene”. I would also hope that localities will review their procedures in keeping in touch with the more vulnerable folks in each of their communities.

One of the fall outs of the storm (or perhaps a positive depending upon your viewpoint) we missed seeing many of those political TV ads, usually on the cable channels. Wonder if folks get rebates on that?

You’ve read lots here about the smear campaign run against Vin Gopal by Assemblywomen Mary Pat Angellini and Carolyn Casagrande. Very disappointing for me cause they both know better. Hard for a candidate to sometimes stand up to those professional consultants and staffers who try to talk one into these desperate moves, but when instincts tell you it’s wrong – it probably is. I sincerely hope voters will send a message by coming out strongly for Vin Gopal.

We’re obviously all keeping our eyes on the Jim Whalen race in District 2 along with my own Bergen colleague, Bob Gordon facing a tough race in District 38 along with Connie Wagner and Tim Eustace.

They are great colleagues and stand up on most of the issues in which we all believe. I think they’ll win and come back to the legislature to help us craft a progressive agenda for the new 2012-2013 session. If you are in either of these districts, please help and make calls this evening.

Yesterday was a very typical day on the campaign trail. We started at 8:30 a.m. visiting the EID celebration at the Teaneck Armory. Estimate more than 1000 attending the Muslim celebration of feast and family. Along with other elected officials, we were greeted warmly and graciously and invited to say a few words.  Ended the evening at a dinner in honor of the Synagogue Young Israel of Ft. Lee and watched my colleague Assemblyman Gordon Johnson joining in the Jewish folk dancing. The dinner guest of Honor was Ft. Lee Councilman Armand Pohan, of Armenian descent, who talked about his own heritage.  Does this give you any idea why it can actually be fun to be on the campaign trail? It was!

So it’s back to the work of the last few days for me. I look forward to next week’s column where we can share great news about Democratic victories, Chris Christie losses and work ahead to make sure we don’t turn the clocks back in Washington.

Vote – VOTE – VOTE for Democrats.

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  1. deciminyan

    The 7th district is also one of the few competitive ones in the state. Below is a letter I sent to all my friends who live in the district.


    You are receiving this message from me because

    • You are in my e-mail address book, and
    • You live in the 7th Legislative District

    We have an important election coming up on Tuesday, November 8th. The entire legislature is up for a vote. While the recent legislative redistricting has made most of the districts non-competitive in favor of the incumbents (of both parties), ours is one of just a handful of districts that is competitive. And if you live in Moorestown or Mount Laurel, you are new to this district since the lines were re-drawn earlier this year.

    We are electing one state senator and two members of the General Assembly. I have personally met with each of the candidates from both parties, and in my mind the choice is clear.

    In the Assembly, Herb Conaway has been serving the district well for a decade. He has both a medical degree and a law degree and has served in the Air Force. He’s very good at working with constituents and deserves another term. While his running mate, Troy Singleton, has not held elective office, Troy is familiar with the workings of Trenton.  Despite his youth (he’s 37) Troy has already amassed a tremendous list of accomplishments. He was Chief of Staff to the popular former Assembly Speaker Joe Roberts. He’s also president of the Carpenters Union and serves on the boards of Rowan University, the New Jersey Turnpike Authority, and the Delaware River Bridge commission. He’s in favor of marriage equality and will support public education. If Troy works only half as hard in the legislature as he has on the campaign, he’d still be one of the hardest working legislators in Trenton. Herb and Troy were endorsed by the Burlington County Times.

    Running against Herb and Troy are two Republicans who would be rubber stamp votes for the Christie anti-middle class, anti-public school agenda. Jim Keenan is the mayor of Mount Laurel and has flip-flopped on the 2% property tax cap. Last summer, when I first met him, he was in favor of a referendum to exceed the cap, predicting dire consequences if the referendum failed. But once he became a candidate, he toed the Christie line and changed his position by 180 degrees. Chris Halgas is a small businessman who sees all solutions to a “tax cut at any price” lens, regardless of the consequences.

    The race for state senate is one that needs to be examined carefully. The incumbent, Senator Diane Allen, is popular within the district. At one time, she was a moderate Republican – the type of GOPer that brought some sense to a party that has been drowning in Tea. But recently, she has taken a hard tack to the Right. While she used to be an advocate for women’s health care, that is no longer the case. I sat in the Senate chamber earlier this year during the debate. Governor Christie vetoed a health care program that would cost each New Jersey citizen 85 cents, while bringing in nine times that amount in Federal dollars. Not only did Allen work to sustain the veto, she didn’t even have the courage to defend her position on the Senate floor.

    Allen’s opponent, Dr. Gail Cook, is an educator and the Mayor of Beverly. Like Allen, Cook is a cancer survivor. She’s the underdog in this campaign, but she deserves our vote. We need more educators in Trenton as the issues of charter schools, vouchers, and for-profit privatization of our education industry is debated next year.

    I already voted by mail for the Cook/Conaway/Singleton team. I hope you do too. But whether you agree with me or not, please vote on Tuesday, November 8th.

    Thanks for listening. You can follow my rants on Twitter or Facebook as “deciminyan”

  2. Jeff Gardner

    Amen – there was already every reason to vote for a passionate, smart, sincere, hardworking progressive like Vin Gopal for Assembly in LD11.

    So, if we send him to the Legislature, and send a message that untruthful negative campaigning will not be tolerated, we win twice!

  3. Bill Orr

    which reminds us:






    ARE YOU?

  4. Senator Loretta Weinberg (Post author)

    Herb Conaway is a good friend and great health advocate colleague. Troy is a friend who I love and look forward to calling him “legislative colleague”!

  5. Rosi Efthim

    Marie Corfield: Most Blue Jerseyans know that a few of us – including myself and Deciminyan – have been working with firecracker assembly candidate Marie Corfield, who was an ordinary teacher when she dared to confront Chris Christie and became first his first ‘YouTube moment’, then was sought-after by national news as one of the strongest voices challenging the Christie agenda. She’s now running in the (redistricted, more Dem) LD-16. Want to pump strength behind her campaign? Call in: 908 231 9001.

    Vin Gopal: Want to help Vin Gopal? Email the campaign.

    Bob Gordon, Connie Wagner, Tim Eustace: website, 973-928-3545.

    Jim Whelan: Campaign: 609-277-7242

    And of course, for Sen. Weinberg, Valerie Huttle & Gordon Johnson: or 201-572-1030

  6. johnleesandiego

    Here in Essex County’s 5th District support for Democrate Brendan Gill is strong but that doesn’t mean its a done deal. Go out to the polls and vote. And yes, ever with my 100+ fever I will be working for the campaign early in the morning! Go Brendan!

  7. Nick Lento

    ….we will NOT let him do to NJ what his fellow Republican governors are doing to Wisconsin and Ohio……if they get the legislative power that is precisely what they’ll try to do!

    For now, we need to elect Democrats across the board….but for the elections to come, progressives must become the dominate force in the Democratic party, and that means running in all the primaries and running for all the precinct position next year.

    Given a choice NJ’s people will choose clean reform transformative change candidates over the old machines of both parties.

    We need radical/fundamental/transformative change asap!  We simply  don’t have the luxury of taking fifty more years.


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