TGIF News Roundup & Open Thread for Nov. 18, 2011

Big Win Against Fracking

  • Vote Canceled for New Fracking Regulations in the Delaware River Basin.

  • Gov. Jack Markell: Delaware will vote against controversial drilling in Delaware River watershed.

  • Just a reminder of what’s at stake.

    Occupy Wall Street’s ‘day of action’ proves the movement is going mainstream

  • Bob Braun takes note of what happened yesterday, and how things have changed.

  • NJ Assemblyman (R-1%) Has Some Advice for OWS

  • At Occupy Trenton, a larger crowd rallies for jobs.
  • NJ Assemblyman (R-1%) Has Some Advice for OWS.

    Double-Secret Charter School Panel

  • Disgraceful. Bad policy. And insulting to educators and communities.

    Today’s only Police Car in the Pool story

  • Hey, Tenafly.

    If only those pesky, pesky Democrats would just …

  • Christie tells League of Municipalities the Democrats are the problem.

    Census says poverty has increased in New Jersey

  • More kids in poverty.

    Feel free to share this with a climate change denier

  • Report: Global warming probably behind wild weather in N.J. and elsewhere.

    Sources: Bergen GOP’s political apparatus stuggles in the wake of losing elections

  • It’s difficult to find a metaphor of sufficient misery for what happened to Bergen Democrats up here last year, unless you consider Bergen Republicans this year.

    Vin Gopal’s next move

  • GOP-leaning More Monmouth Musings urges “the most promising Democrat in a generation” to run for Monmouth Democratic Chair.

    The seat held by the late Assemblyman Pete Biondi

  • LD16 vacancy tilts towards Hunterdon.

    Here’s a clue: Stop denigrating everybody who takes care of New Jersey every day

  • Christie says he’ll spend the next 2 years repairing New Jersey’s reputation.

    Sometimes, Christie’s games of Chicken get him fried

  • My governor is foolish and vitriolic. But he’s not the only one who can play.

    NJ unemployment falls and jobs increase as state shares in slowly growing U.S. economy

  • Unemployment rate dropped to 9.1 percent last month as private businesses added 4,000 jobs, state officials announced today.


  • Chris Cerf walks back off the timeline for teacher evaluation systems.


  • Staten Island’s James Molinaro calls out Gov. Christie on lack of toll relief.

    NJTV picks Montclair State as its New Jersey broadcast base

  • Maybe that association will improve things.

    Christopher James Christie

  • Kind of in love with himself.
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