QoTD: Choppers ‘n Food Stamps Edition

Quote of the Day is today’s Tweet from Courier-Post columnist @Jeremy_Rosen:

ICYMI @GovChristie took state chopper to his Camden appearance 2day… nothing wrong with that, but is he scared of city streets?

Thwock. Thwock. Thwock. Gov. Chris Christie availed himself of the mammoth state helicopter down to Camden this morning for the 35-mile ride from Trenton. In Camden, a city with far fewer police to keep a watchful eye on the Guv, he announced the future expansion of what sounds like a good idea (unless it masks another privatization initiative) to shift drug offenders into rehab programs instead of prison.

Christie did his press conference at Cathedral Kitchen, the largest emergency food provider in Camden; feeding since 1976 “the homeless, the jobless, those with disabilities or addiction problems, the working poor,” from “infants to the elderly”.

It’s great to see Christie draw attention to Cathedral Kitchen’s work. But seriously, did Christie’s cocksure press operation give any thought at all to how arrogant it looks for the governor to chopper in – at great public expense – to a place where hungry people come to be fed, on the day after we learned there are twice as many New Jerseyans are relying on food stamps than 4 years ago?

Thwock. Thwock. Thwock. Guess nobody thought of that.  

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