News Roundup & Open Thread for Thursday, Nov. 17, 2011

NJ voters support the millionaires tax 64% – 28%

  • Quinnipiac Poll: That’s 2-1, an all-time high. Voters also agree with the views of Occupy Wall Street, 52-34%.

    “Unwilling to budge on core principles,” Buono said to questions about why she fell out of the inner circle.

  • At the League of Municipalities, a party hosted by Sen. Barbara Buono was packed, and she was feisty.

    Christie’s also at the League of Municipalities

  • Are you at the League of Municipalities? Well, the Guv will see ya today.

  • He’ll slap at the Dem-controlled legislature for not reconsidering two bills he conditionally vetoed, and once again pump his theme that the legislature (read: Democrats) won’t take action, on sick leave payouts and civil service rules.

    Sen. Nia Gill OPRA’s Christie’s charter review process

  • Guess which two groups were absent from the teams assigned to approve charters – traditional public school educators and community representatives.

    Growing divide between rich & poor neighborhoods is toxic for N.J.

  • Research report: Middle-class neighborhoods are disappearing, rich and poor segregating themselves into separate neighborhoods. Tom Moran on why this is particularly bad for this state.

    Xanadu Public Hearings: Wetlands and rollercoasters

  • The ‘destination mall’ on your dime’s gotta have that stuff, builders insist.


  • Christie & Cerf Road Show: “This is not about being angry at teachers. I’m not.”

  • He’s particularly not mad a gym teachers.

  • A message of love, but not with the NJEA. (Charlie Stile)
  • The Greatest Lie in New Jersey.

    Maybe Christie should ask his own Port Authority appointee some questions

  • Christie’s angry at the massive exec perks at the Port Authority, and blames the former director, a NY appointee. But his own Bil Baroni is 2nd in command. Why didn’t Baroni tell him?


  • OWS at a crossroads after the raid.

  • Did mayors & Dept. of Homeland Security coordinate raids? (In These Times)

  • Occupy Trenton: Time for Action.

  • Princeton’s chilly reception.

    Privatization Tactic: The Innocuous “Pilot” Plan

  • Look, we promoted firstamend07. #bigtent

    State revenue continues to fall short of projections

  • Republicans blame unforseen events, like the October weather. Greenwald invites the Guv to focus on job creation and economic growth – any old time now.

    Menendez among backers of bill to create Smithsonian American Latinos Museum

  • Bill proposes a new museum, in an underground annex within an existing building on the National Mall.

    Sen. Joe Vitale will be sleeping outside in the street in Manhattan tonight

  • Here is why.


  • Busy lame duck season.

    Holy crap. Look whose accounts didn’t get frozen at MF Global

  • Did the Koch Brothers industries get some kind of heads-up?

    NRA-sponsored bear hunt

  • Coming soon to a town near you.
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