News Roundup & Open Thread for Monday, Nov. 7, 2011

We need a better storm strategy

  • 40 year old generators running lights & radio at the Clifton police station. 367 electrical wires severed in Teaneck. DPWs not coordinating fallen tree removal with wire repair. Home Rule, communication, coordination, we can do better. (Mike Kelly)

    Christie’s EPA deadline is today

  • Pressure’s mounting for the Guv to use better judgement, not partisan politics and support EPA’s cleanup outside-NJ coal plants spewing toxins into our air. He hasn’t moved, still says EPA “does too much”.

    Running, again & again, against the Hudson Dem machine

  • For North Bergen man, 50-year grudge against Hudson Democrats lives on.

    Tomorrow. Tomorrow. Tomorrow.

  • What’s waiting for the winners? Lame duck, NJEA’s strategy, and ed ‘reform’.

  • Battle for Bergen: District Could Be Bellwether for 2012 & Beyond.

  • Dems in South Jersey reach out to South Asians.

  • Whelan v. Polistina – a race to watch.

  • Redefining “nuclear” in LD40.

  • Caught with bag of Dem campaign lit, Mayor Joe Menza ally gets bagged by cops.

  • Stand up and be counted.

  • Candidates exchange final shots.

  • Heavy ballot, light turnout.

  • GOP memo talks $$$.

  • Election Preview.

  • South Jersey Election Preview.

  • NJ & Maine’s answer to a weak economy: gambling

  • Sports betting ballot question. (Brigid Callahan Harrison)

    Where’s that damn moon rock?

  • Have you looked in that old shoebox?.

    5 former Trenton mayoral candidates want recall election to get rid of Mack

  • The Committee to Recall Mayor Tony F. Mack of Trenton picks up steam.


  • Parsippany School Board capitulates to Christie, reduces superintendent’s pay.


  • Today’s the deadline for Homestead Rebate & Senior Freeze applications, after 1-week storm extension.

    Voting circa 1836

  • Did you cast your vote for Martin Van Buren or William Henry Harrison?
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    1. 12mileseastofTrenton

      I think it will be a 2 seat loss in each house for the Democrats.  Whelan and (unfortunately) Gordon will go down in the senate.  While the Democrats will pick up one assembly seat in the fourth, I think they’ll lose one in the third and both seats in the 7th.  For a net loss of 2 assembly seats.  So, it will be 22-18 and 45-35.


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