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In Europe this week, people are celebrating tolerance and inclusion, as embodied in the election of Anna Grodzka, reportedly the first transgender member of Poland’s Parliament.

In New Jersey, two radio talk-show personalities are having a good laugh at her expense -holding Grodzka up to ridicule and spewing their hatred and ignorance all over the Garden State’s airwaves.

“Insensitive” and “cruel” are among the words I’d use to describe today’s extended diatribe against transsexuals by Judi Franco and Dennis Malloy on 101.5 Radio.

“Dangerous” is another.

Our young people who grapple with issues of gender identity are painfully vulnerable. Not only are they at high risk of suicide as they despair over where they belong, and how they fit in, but they’re also at the mercy of monsters who delight in inflicting great harm to anyone they perceive as “the other.”

The only thing these bullies need to seek out their next target is the slightest bit of encouragement. They got it in spades today from Franco, whose repeated shrieks of “They’re freaks” gave de facto permission to the station’s listeners to share in her hate.

That’s scary on so many levels.

As I listened to Malloy and Franco try to outdo each other in heaping their scorn – to the obvious delight of callers, who cheered them on — I feared for the emotional lives of our sons and daughters. And I feared no less for their physical lives.

Have we learned nothing from the tragedies of Matthew Shepard and Tyler Clementi?

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  1. firstamend07

    These two “personalities” mirror their audience.  

    They are neither funny or informed. They try to act “jersey”.

    Christie calls into them so that speaks to what they promote.

    This “jersey brand” has its roots in prejudice and ignorance.

    Ignorant people are everywhere,not just in Jersey.Unfortunately this State has embraced the “tough ass”moniker and with that comes “tough ass”talk.

    My response is to seek a real tough ass on them.

    Mr. Goldstein you reading this???

  2. Jersey Jazzman

    Every day, garbage like this goes unchallenged out in the airwaves and in print around this state. And no one is held accountable.

    I would be so happy if Media Matters would begin a 50-state initiative. Having a tape of this in the record so advertisers could be held to account would be incredibly valuable.


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