Free Screenings of Gasland (Fracking Documentary) Preceed DRBC Vote On New Enviro Rules

Do you oppose flammable drinking water and widespread illness caused by environmental contamination? Do you like free movies?

As noted previously by Blue Jersey (here, here and here) the controversial natural gas extraction method called “fracking” (slang for “hydraulic fracturing”) has been trying to extend its craptacular tendrils in our general direction for a couple of years now. But on Monday 11/21, the Delaware River Basin Commission will vote on new rules that could pave the way for nearly 20,000 fracking wells to be built in the river basin.

Yeah, not good for fans of safe water and good health. So along with some local partners, environment and sustainability watchdog Food and Water Watch is sponsoring two screenings of the the HBO documentary Gasland, which is to fracking what Supersize Me is to fast food.  Not sure you understand the issue and it’s potentially devastating consequences? Or maybe you’re just cheap and need something to do this week. Either way. You can catch the New Brunswick screening today at 10 a.m., and the Princeton screening tomorrow at 7 p.m. Full details below the YouTubes.

When: Monday, Nov. 14 @ 9:10pm

Where: Rutgers Univ., Loree Hall, Room 20 (72 Lipman Drive) – parking available in Douglass Deck

Who: NJ Food & Water Watch, NJPIRG Student Chapters, Rutgers Univ. Student Assembly

When: Tuesday Nov. 15 @ 7pm

Where: Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Princeton, 50 Cherry Hill Road

Who: NJ Food & Water Watch, Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Princeton

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  1. carolh

    as you view this film are

    1) Groundwater Contamination

    2) Explosion Dangers

    3) Release of radioactive gas – radon

    4) Earthquake potential

    5) Careless spills of chemicals used on the surface and the danger to wildlife.

    6) The KEY that should be at the root of the discussion and the legal idea that helped clean up the Hudson river – and why the gas industry only mentions groundwater to distract from a major problem –  Where they actually get the water to frack in the first place.The hundreds of rumbling tanker trucks (200 per well) that deliver the millions of gallons of fresh pristine water they steal from OUR rivers and streams to use for the process.

    Required reading this week should be The Riverkeepers by John Cronin and RFK Jr.  about exactly how the environmentalists legally won their major battles with polluters along the Hudson river.…  


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