Election Day Open Thread

UPDATE: Pulling this back up top so we can hear from some of our late-day readers. Polls close in 2.5 hours and some people who vote after work are trickling in, except for some hotspots where the trickle’s a little heavier. We’re hearing that some of the 35 robo-calls that Gov. Christie recorded are being used to call Democrats – to depress the vote. If you got any of these calls, in LD-18 or anywhere else, we’d really love to hear about it, in the comments.

What’s going on where you are?

votePolls are open until 8pm tonight. If you don’t know your polling place, find it here. If that doesn’t work, call your county clerk.

If you’ve already voted, call or email your friends and neighbors and remind them to do the same. Share your voting experience in the comments or send it in to tips@bluejersey.com. How’s turnout by you?

Know your rights: NJ Voters Bill of Rights.

Progressive Candidates: Every seat in both houses of the NJ legislature is up, and you can take that as a referendum on Christie’s governance if you want to. I’ll hold back from doing that because there are fewer clearly progressive choices than we want. Among them, two are in recently reconfigured districts. And that adds some strength behind two I’m particularly watching; LD-16 Marie Corfield & LD-11 Vin Gopal.

Battleground Districts: We’re watching Democrats running a defensive play in LD-38, with record-breaking spending in a district not redrawn in favor of the Democratic incumbents Bob Gordon, Connie Wagner and Tim Eustace. And the Jim Whelan-Vince Polistina Senate contest in LD-2. Live in either district? We’d love to hear how turnout looks where you voted.

Local elections: If we want progressive candidates to rise, building the bench at the local level is essential. Good luck to forward-thinking muni candidates.

After Election Day: Shifts in leadership are likely to come in both Houses, assuming Democrats retain majority. In the Assembly they may come as early as Thursday. Sheila Oliver has already scheduled a Democratic caucus to select leadership, swapping in Lou Greenwald for Joe Cryan on her leadership slate, a power play to slow the challenge to her leadership from Cryan, who distinguished himself this year by opposing the pen-ben deal that Oliver was essential to. In the lame duck session, the long knives are out for public education; they’ll call it ‘reform’.

Got pictures? Busy campaign office? Vols at the phones? Candidate and GOTV crews surrounded by empty pizza boxes? Send them in and we’ll post some of them later.

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  1. Jon Niola

    When I went to vote in Plainsboro this morning I was the ONLY person there.

  2. Stephen Yellin

    As of 1230PM there had been 81 votes cast out of 647 registered voters.

    My district is more polarized then the others – only 1/3rd are Independents compared to 42% town wide – so my expectation of 30% turnout in Berkeley Heights seems reasonable…if sad from a democracy perspective.  

  3. Jay Lassiter

    Challenger.Election day in NJ.

  4. Rosi Efthim (Post author)

    That’s in my voting precinct, one of only 3 in my little town of Flemington. The ladies running the poll – love them – were projecting a lower turnout than we’re getting.  

  5. Rosi Efthim (Post author)

    Election Day treat, blogging on the back deck. No excuse not to get out and vote today – it’s glorious out here. View off my back deck:

    Backyard Blogging, Election Day 2011

  6. firstamend07

    A parking lot in Cherry Hill filled with white vans and hundreds of union workers has emptied and hit the streets!

    After  rousing addresses by both State Senate President Sweeney and Congressman Andrews the South Jersey union workers are ready to bring out the vote.

    The republicans have nothing to match this GOTV vote.

    A similiar effort is set up for the 2nd District.

    Not ALL unions are sitting this one out!  

  7. jeffpickens

    High turnout? Guess again.

    All the poll workers took up the good spots. I, the lone voter at 8:00am, had  to park across the street.

  8. southernbluedog

    I wonder where my local Democrats will party after the election since the Democratic bar in town is under renovation by new owners. I find it hard to believe they’ll party at the Republican bar.

    I don’t usually get political on my Facebook page, but it’s election day. Unfortunately quite a few people are taking this opportunity to show me they are angry. I’m afraid anger will motivate too many people to vote against Democrats.

  9. jeffpickens

    There was a person waving a sign across the street from my polling place shouting the name of the Republican candidate for Mayor of Washington Twp (GlouCo).

    It was hard to gauge her exact diatance from the building but she was clearly audible, whether she was 100.1 feet or 99.9 feet away.

  10. 12mileseastofTrenton

    the Democratic vote?  If anything, I would think it would motivate them.  

  11. Bertin Lefkovic

    I was listening to 101.5 on my way home and Edward Forchion called in to the election night coverage.

    Clearly, he did not listen to the wise words of Woody Allen, who said that eighty percent of success was showing up.  NJW missed his flight back to NJ from CA today due to being stoned and was unable to vote for himself in his LD7 Assembly run.  As supportive as I am of marijuana legalization, he is without a doubt the worst advocate for it that I have come across in my lifetime.

    It is also interesting that he chose to run for the Assembly and not the Senate.  Had he run for Senate, he would have been Dawn Addiego’s only opposition and probably would have received 10 times as many votes than what he got as one of three opposition Assembly candidates.


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