Christie…merit pay for math and science teachers

If the Governor were really interested in improving public education he would cut the crap, when stumping merit pay. How about doing the right thing Hamburger and try collective bargaining with the teachers? Oh nOOOOO that’s anti-republican. It’s all about private schools isn’t it gov?

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  1. Nowlan

    I hope math/sci folks don’t get any funny ideas–in fact I think all teachers should wear sweatpants to work in a show of solidarity.  

    By the way, it’s the English teachers who have the toughest job.  None of it’s easy though.

    And how many of us would be so easily flustered as to say, “Cut the crap” when asked a simple question.  

    Ok, I did use that phrase in class once–but I was referring to the title of the worst Clash album.  

  2. ken bank

    I have an MA in history and I’ve been advocating for years and years math and science teachers should get paid more than social studies and ILA. All you have to do is look at starting salaries for math and science compared to social sciences and humanities. If you want to attract better qualified math and science majors to teaching you have to offer salaries commensurate with the private sector, and that’s alot more than what the private sector offers to social studies and English majors. Believe me, I know from hard experience.  


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