A Tale of two Cartoons

I typically like (mostly because I usually agree) Drew Sheneman.  This week’s post election cartoon of the NJ Dems giving Christie a wedgy struck me as odd.  


As much as I wished it was true that NJ Democrats were now in a position to actually be considered an opposition party, I know it not to be true.  Furthermore, it seemed to me that The Star Ledger was pathetically trying to appear “fair and balanced” after 2 years of doting over Christie.  I don’t know what other conclusion can be reached. The election turned out pretty must just as predicted, the same players (for the most part) will be playing the same positions, and The Star Ledger will continue to support Christie’s agenda no matter how much collateral damage is inflicted.  I will rate that cartoon “mostly false”.

Rob Tornoe’s cartoon on the matter I found to be far more accurate.


I will rate it as “true”.

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