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Full disclosure I’m a proud member of AFT Local #2375

This past week the Courier News posted a sItory about our ongoing contract negotiations at Raritan Valley Community College titled RVCC professors won’t give up annual salary raise.  The article goes on at length to highlight the salaries of our more tenured professors – people who help make RVCC a top community college institution in New Jersey – but fails to mention the spike in administrative salaries over the past ten years.  Moreover, there is no mention of our more junior members making significantly less than their counterparts across New Jersey.  

Our position has remained consistent throughout negotiations: offering our members a 0% raise is a non-starter.  With the new pension and benefit reforms, 0% is essentially a pay reduction.  Our members don’t deserve a reduction in wages.  All we are asking for are good faith negotiations to reach a fair consensus. We understand that these are tough economic times.  But based upon the salaries received by members in the administration – including the RVCC President, who is making over $245,000 in total compensation – we think there is room for negotiation.  

We remain committed to a fair contract for our members and hope the administration comes to the bargaining table to reach a fair compromise.  Until then, we will continue to give our side of the story.  Before the last negotiation session members of AFT, students, and alumni came together to voice our displeasure with the state of negotiations.  Watch a video of the rally below and please join us on November 29th at 5:00 PM as we stage another demonstration prior to a negotiation session.  

Watch the video here.

In solidarity.  

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